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[TOP 10 N°44] The most beautiful surf video ever made !

Enjoy !  1/ Motion — by Morgan Maassen (Surf) 2/ YES WE LOVE KITEFOILING | FOIL COMPILATION — by Horue Movie (Foil / Kite) 3/ Cliff Jumping Havasupai - Insane Tricks in 4K with Teamsupertramp! — by Devin Supertramp (Cliff Diving) 4/ Wingsuit LED Light Show in the Sky - Gravitas: Camo & Krooked — by Red Bull (Wingsuit) 5/ Adrenaline FMX Riders 2015. Санкт-Петербург, Дворцовая площадь. — by Adrenaline Rush (FMX) 6/ Ski Session 3, 2015 — by Windells Camp (Ski) 7/ Quincy 254 Colorway by Arto Saari — by New Balance (Skate) 8/ Parkour/Freerun in Marrakesh City 2015 — by Itzdeaman (Parkour) 9/ Proselyte 2 — by Ploy Edit (Waterski) 10/ Wake Air Contest 2015 petit teaser — by Wake Air Contest (Wakeboard) Copyright : Riders Match 

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Finflock 2015 - Wingsuit flying in Finland

July 2015 a big group of international wingsuit skydivers gathered in Utti, Finland for a fun week of training jumps, flying exciting formations against a beautiful backdrop of Finish lakes and trees.

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Destination Magic Wood

In search of some of the best bouldering on the planet in the Swiss destination, Magic Wood. Among climbing what are undoubtably some of the best boulders in the world we discovered that Joe believes he's too weak to ever climb 8A, Nathan likes to flash all our projects and still finds time to moan about something, Will doesn't care how bad the moves are because it's "all about the line", James would be lost without a dishwasher and that I shouldn't think too much as it can be dangerous.This film is sponsored by Psychi and Rokt Climbing Gym.psychi.co.ukrokt.co.ukA massive thanks to everyone at Gasthaus Edelweiss for their hospitality!valferrera.comClimbers:William BuckJohn ThorntonJoe SwalesNathan PhillipsJames Turnbullsupremeodyssey.com

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El pasado fin de semana se celebró el Campeonato Nacional de Descenso BTT en Panticosa municipio de Huesca (España), en la tradicional estación de esquí Aramón Panticosa.En este año comparando con la anterior edición se han realizado algunas modificaciones sobre el trazado, en la parte inicial del mismo.

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Krap Invaders 6 Official - International Parkour/Freerunning Jam

Official videoreport fo KRAP INVADERS SUMMER 6 in Italy 10-11-12 July 2015, more than 150 athletes gather together for 3 days of training and fun!

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Extreme Combo (Skydiving & Speedflying)

Skydiving from 10 000ft, landing on top of a 4 625ft high mountain. Then speedflying down to the camping. Nice way to start the day! 

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Slopestyle MTB in Breathtaking Slow Motion - Crankworx Les 2 Alpes

The Triple Crown of Slopestyle kicked off in France with the second stop of Crankworx in Les Deux Alpes. Big air, big crashes, and some of the most progressive riding ever seen on two wheels went down, but it'd be Brett Rheeder who'd lay down a near-flawless run to claim the overall win. Take a look back at all the most dramatic moments of the event captured in super slow motion.

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DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti. From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he took his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. For nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorbike a reality. His efforts paid off in Tahiti, where he rode the world famous waves at Teahupoo and Papara.

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"View From A Blue Moon" Teaser

"View From A Blue Moon" A Film By John Florence & Blake Vincent Kueny  In Association With Brain Farm  Coming This Winter  ViewFromABlueMoon.com #viewfromabluemoon

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Modernday Vintage, CWC Philippines

Filming over the course of a month in the Philippines this past spring on my way to France for Fise! Check it out Instagram: @ignorejondickey

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2015 Van Doren Invitational Practice Video Day 1

Being on the deck at the 2015 Van Doren Invitational is a bit nuts... It's essentially the most stacked bowl session of the century (with 30 of the best bowl riders in the world), and everyone has just a single hour heat to figure shit out. They somehow do figure shit out, and the result is a mixture of flowy speed, style, and tricks... Major shoutout to Larry Edgar and the triple tabletop in here, more to come tomorrow.

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2015 Van Doren Invitational - Practice Video Day 2 | RideBMX

Day two of the Van Doren Invitational quickly proceeded to get even crazier than the first, the riders were more than familiar with the ramp and ready to hit the boost button! You can't watch this contest and not be hyped, Clint Reynolds could be roasting out of the bowls deep end one moment and the next Daniel Sandoval might be laying down a flair crazy variation. The variety in riding styles is going to make for one hell of a qualifying round tomorrow!

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Connor Lodes' Demolition Axes Seat Promo

Connor Lodes puttin' in work with filmer, Doeby all around SD for his new Demolition signature Axes seat promo video. He goes all in for this one, and isn't your typical "parts promo video". Proof is in the pudding, check it out for yourself.

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Triple Hardflip with a Sporthocker

Triple Hardflip Contest The next three persons who land a Triple Hardflip with a Sporthocker and make a video response, will win a Sporthocker. First landet at 23.11.2012 from Stephan "SL" Landschütz and Michael "ML" Landschütz Hockerer: SL & ML Musik: Alex Beroza - The New Music Update: Mr.Hat and TJ landed this trick too... respect! http://www.sporthocker.com/ http://www.sporthocker.com/webshop/

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[TOP 10 N°45] He literally sets himself on fire for an epic freerun

Enjoy our Top 10 #45 ! 1/ Damien 'Flamien' Walters Vs Fire | Damien Walters — by Damien Walters (Parkour) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/parkour/damien-flamien-walters-vs-fire-damien-walters 2/ Head Case Files //Garrett Ahlf FMX — by BSHIPMAN (FMX) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/fmx/head-case-files-garrett-ahlf-fmx 3/ The Getaway - Kitesurfing a secret spot — by Mads WOLLESEN (Kitesurf) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/kitesurf/the-getaway-kitesurfing-a-secret-spot 4/ A day at Venice Beach — by Ulysse Prom (Roller) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/roller/a-day-at-venice-beach 5/ Cliff Diving Maui - #SQUADGOALS — by Andrew AGCAOILI (Cliff Diving) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/cliffdiving/cliff-diving-maui-squadgoals 6/ Cruising Down The Islands — by Alex LAUREL (Surf) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/surf/cruising-down-the-islands 7/ #adetroitfilm MOVE — by Jordan GARLAND (Skate / BMX) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/skate/adetroitfilm-move 8/ Manolo Robles - My name is Momo. - by Socio Company (Skate) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/skate/manolo-robles-my-name-is-momo 9/ Burning Rubber and Jumping Road Gaps w/ Svindal and Mikkelsen — by Red Bull (Drift / Ski) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/drift/burning-rubber-and-jumping-road-gaps-w-svindal-and-mikkelsen 10/ GoPro: Ting Xiao Conquers White Mountain — by GoPro (Climbing) https://www.ridersmatch.com/videos/climbing/gopro-ting-xiao-conquers-white-mountain

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HockHart 2014 - SALZIG Sporthocker

SALZIG Sporthocker HockHart Camp 2014, ein Wochenende im Jugendhaus Chip in Berlin Kreuzberg – von Hockerern für Hockerer! http://www.sporthocker.com HockHart Crew: Acephalic, Addo, Alfred Hitchhock, Anne, Celina, Crazy_M, Daniel, Dennis, Djamil, Hannes, Hockaweser, Hocktator, Hock_Si, Johanna, Josh, Kerim, Kira, Lea, Lenny, Leo, Lion, Lucke’n’Roll, Luka, Magda, Marc P., Marcos, Merlin, ML, Nico, Paul, Philippo, Pixel, René Tabouret, Sevi, SL, Suse, Sventastic, Torsten, Vivien, Zoë Musik: Great White Buffalo - Likely Story Great White Buffalo - Sleepwalk Great White Buffalo - Thanks for Nothing http://gwb.la Kamera: Hannes Roth Michael Landschütz Stephan Landschütz Schnitt: Stephan Landschütz Danke: Jugendhaus Chip in Kooperation mit Paul Gerhardt Werk / Diakonische Dienste gGmbH Red Bull Stabilo satch by ergobag Smartwurst Wursttoaster designjosef siebdruckwerkstatt SALZIG Design Contest: Das grösste H.O.C.K. Game aller Zeiten! Jeder gegen jeden! 28 Teilnehmer, über 300 Spiele in drei Tagen! HockHart H.O.C.K. / Overall Ergebnisse: 1. SL 2. Philippo, Hocktator 3. Sventastic 4. Crazy_M, Hannes, Marc P. 5. Merlin, Josh 6. Nico 7. Acephalic, Hock_Si 8. Lucke’n'Roll, Hockaweser 9. Dennis, Marcus 10. Addo 11. Johanna, Zoë 12. Vivien 13. Pixel 14. Luka 15. Celina, Lion, René Tabouret 16. Sevi, Magda 17. Daniel HockHart H.O.C.K. / U18 Ergebnisse 1. Crazy_M, Marc.P. 2. Nico 3. Acephalic, HockSi 4. Hockaweser, Lucke’n'Roll 5. Dennis 6. Johanna, Zoë 7. Vivien 8. Celina, Lion 9. Magda Das HockHart Camp 2014 war großartig! Danke an die Orga, die Küche, die Partner, die Foto- und Kameraleute, die Hockerer und Hockerinnen! Danke an Alle! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SALZIGsporth... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sporthocker Instagram: https://instagram.com/salzigsporthocker Newsletter: http://www.sporthocker.com/webshop/ne...

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Show Bouill'en Roller Skate Festival Official Aftermovie

Voici le film officiel du Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 ! Un concentré des moments intenses d’un magnifique week end de compétition roller et skate en France (Normandie – La Bouille 76). De superbes paysages normands vus du ciel, des rencontres, des rires, de la vitesse, du fun tout simplement! Cette édition 2015 (08/09/10 mai), organisé par l'USF Longskate (alias RidersEnBray), en collaboration avec plusieurs clubs FFRS, la Ligue Haute-Normandie de Roller Sports et la mairie de La Bouille, était un véritable festival roller/skate regroupant : ***Championnat de France de Descente 2015 (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) ***Etape de Coupe du Monde de Roller Descente IIDA ***multiples animations/démonstrations (roller hockey, roller course, roller artistique, roller randonnée...). Film réalisé par l'agence de production Highline Films Site internet : highline-films.com facebook.com/highlinefilmsproductions Un énorme merci à tous nos sponsors : TRUC DE FOU, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, Club LRBX, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE et UCAR agences Rouen/Sotteville. - This is the official film of Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 !! A bunch of intense moments from a great rollerblade and skateboard racing weekend in France (Normandy - La Bouille 76), superb Norman landscapes seen from above, looks, laughers, slips, simply some fun ! This 2015 edition (May 08th/09 th/10 th), organized by the USF Longskate (aka RidersEnBray), together with several FFRS clubs (Haute-Normandie Roller Sports League and the town of La Bouille), was a real roller/skate festival gathering: *** France 2015 Downhill Championship (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) *** Roller World Cup Downhill IIDA leg *** Many activities / exhibitions (roller hockey, skating race, artistic roller skating, roller skating hiking ...). Film made by Highline Films agency Website : highline-films.com facebook.com/highlinefilmsproductions A huge thank you to all our sponsors: TRUC DE OUF, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, LRBX Club, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE and Rouen / Sotteville UCAR agencies. Résultats ***LONGSKATE*** Open 1- VANSTONE Chris (ENG) 2- MARKARIAN Yanis (FR) 3- KOLPATZIK Stefan (DE) CDF 2015 Homme 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- BESSIERE Romain (ROLLING SK8) 3- MARTINEZ Jonathan (FRRR) CDF 2015 Junior 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- ROSSI Matéo (RidersenBray) 3- TRAUET Ambroise (DDE69) ***STREETLUGE*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) 2- ESPAU Patrice (PLS) 3- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- ESPAU Stéphanie (PLS) 3- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) CDF 2015 Junior 1- BRAUD Tanguy (Peyragudes Downhill) 2- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) 3- ***BUTTBOARD*** CDF 2015 Open 1- BLONDEAU Pascal (RidersenBray) 2- HOUCHARD Guillaume (Alsace Downhill) 3- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) 3- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) ***ROLLER*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- Karim Mallis (Lyon Roller) 2- Etienne Herreros (Lyon Roller) 3- Victor Veduta (Paris) CDF 2015 Femme 1- Emilie Boutillot 2- 3- ***ROLLER IIDA*** Roller IIDA Time Trial Men podium 1- Angelo Vecchi (IT) 2- Etienne Herreros (FR) 3- Christian Montavon (CH) Roller IIDA Time Trial Women podium 1- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 2- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Men podium 1- Karim Mallis (FR) 2- Christian Montavon (CH) 3- Etienne Herreros (FR) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Women podium 1- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 2- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT)

10:35 659


Manolo Robles - My name is Momo.

Manolo Robles celebra su 30 cumpleaños. Las tablas de monopatín han evolucionado pero parece ser que a el no le ha importado mucho, ya que en este video podemos verle haciendo trucos del siglo XXI con un prototipo de monopatín de hace mas de 40 años. enjoy it. Grabado y editado por: Adrián Martinez.

3:13 99,021


LOCK & LEAK | Epic Freestyle Kitesurfing

Lock & Leak | Epic Freestyle Kitesurfing Make sure to follow us on YouTube, subscribe now!  Kitesurf YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOBHu4YrZCSFTD_mGU_zntxh8JUdDYUaq Riders:  * Philippe CANERI (Horue Team) * Yann CHOUARD (North Team) * Maxime LECLERE Music license from UPPM (http://www.unippm.fr/)  ----------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries, contact us here: contact@horuemovieproduction.fr

1:49 3,508


Cours de SUP Yoga de Sarah Hebert pour 3 Miss France

Quand Sarah Hebert enseigne le PaddleYoga à Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014) , Alexandra Ronsenfelf (Miss France 2006) et Cloe Mortaud (Miss France 2009), dans la piscine de l'Hotel Barrière L'Hermitage La Baule pendant la SUMMER CUP, cela donne un spectable Magnifique ! Enjoy !!

1:31 246


BMX Jam: Dan's Comp Parking Lot Jam Highlights

In a parking lot next to corn field, quite literally, lies the headquarters of the biggest mailorder in BMX, Dan's Comp. And on this hot Saturday afternoon, they invited riders and locals from all over to their first-ever Parking Lot Jam. Ramps were built, hot dogs were boiled, people sweated, and good times were everywhere you looked. With a super loose format, Scott Towne gave away a bunch of cash via some mini best trick events such as the A-Game on the A-Frame and the 540pm 540 challenge, pulled a couple of audibles on others, and even was dope enough to give away prizes for the longest drive (ended up being over 500 miles from the North Michigan crew) out. Overall, besides the heat making everything soggy, it was a damn good time. Looking forward to next year...

3:43 12,756


FMX training session Ft.Pat bowden, Lance Russell, Jake Smith

Australian FMX riders Pat Bowden and Jake Smith session at Lance Russells home compound in Richmond Australia.

3:38 415


Cliff Diving Maui - #SQUADGOALS

Shibby Stylee Bomb Squad take over Maui :)  

3:25 639

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