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We, the founders of New York Crew, aim to provide the possibilities for you to reach your goals easier. We believe that sport is an intrinsic activity to the well-being and becoming of a person. NYC is a non-profit organization, exclusively community-oriented NGO with passionate, energetic and capable people who want to positively impact those around them. Consequently, our focus is on educating the young to spend their free time in a meaningful way, promoting physical activity in all its forms and, last but not least, creating and developing opportunities for sport. We are based in Galati, the eastern Romanian city by the Danube, but our geographic position is not a limitation of our reach. Our ideas of and emphasis on the importance of sport are shared by hundreds of people around the world. Our representatives put forwards their points of view at conferences, such as the DOHA Goal Forum in Qatar, and frame our principles and ideals at business programs such as Aspire.
New York Crew’s sole purpose is you and how you can achieve your potential, become your best self, through the essential activity that is sport - the saying ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ has not been coined in vain after all. Explore, practice, dedicate yourself, be a mover and shaker, be a leader, but you cannot BE without understanding that the body and the mind function as one inseparable entity. We are here to reinforce this no-brainer, to remind you to always push past your limits, out of your comfort zone and ‘into the wild,’ where you are free, where you are all that you can be.
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