Sport(s) Represented

2015 AIRUSH In our most exciting collection to date we redefine our mission of creating great design within every aspect of Kiteboarding. Early in 2014 we introduced the Monaro Slalom, bringing in Slalom World Champion Julien Kerneur, to team up with 17 year old South African Racing and Freestyle prodigy, Oswald Smith, to create the most formidable racing team in the industry. This team spearheads the development of all future race and directional freeride programs, highlighting our commitment to the future of going fast. On the wave front the development is driven by Mark Pattison and Clinton Filen working with our international wave team. With both designers having strong surf roots and developing products directly with riders between Cape Town, Bali, Hawaii and Brazil, the outcome is compact range of boards developed to suit any conditions. This is coupled with the innovative Wave kite that will give you that perfect wave responsiveness, drift and durability, no matter where you are. Creating the future of Freestyle, World Freestyle Champion Alex Pastor showcases his Signature Series as part of definitive Freestyle Team Collection, where Bruna Kajiya introduces the new Diamond Series for the passionate female rider. All of these key developments and innovations find their way into our Freeride range of Kites, Boards and Bindings delivering perfect performance no matter what your level.