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Remember that feeling you got after you set up your very first skateboard?  

Remember the sense of connection and pride you had with that board? And after you'd ridden it to within an inch of its life, do you remember wanting to hang on your bedroom wall?

If you can remember that feeling, and you've since lost it, we want to help you get it back!

"But how?" You ask... 

You've probably tried looking for a new board in a skateshop or online... But everything is just a slightly different version of the one next to it.

How the flip are you going to get something that's perfect for you and the way you skate?

Well that's where we come in...

Skating has been a huge part of our lives, we've also been building and creating for just as long - from miniramps to skateboards.  

And now we are dedicated to sharing these years and years of skating and creating through the careful hand-crafting of unique and original skateboards and longboards.

We only use sustainable or salvaged materials (so you can sleep easy at night).

And we are based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast - from our home workshops.  

We are looking forward to making these boards for our friends, our friend's friends, and our friend's friend's friends.


Jimmy & Feni
Cottage Skateboards