Sport(s) Represented

During the summer at home, everybody wants to be on the water SUPing, touring on boards or surfing waves. Our house sits right on the water, with multiple wave spots within a ten minute DRIVE; it seems like the natural thing to do. I dearly needed the kind of board that I could use to go fishing with my daughter and have my grandson sit on the bow with his floaters. I needed or a board I could lend to any visiting friend who would say “Let’s go play with your toys” but knew nothing about the ocean as they’d let the waves touch their calves, their pants hiked up to their knees. This was a personal order, finding the solution to a need, a simple no-trouble board. So whenever some preppie-dressed vacationer would come and ask for a surf session, all I had to do was to throw this big 10’board in the pick-up and off we’d go. I really wasn’t expecting what followed. Within a month, my daughter’s friends, my friends, the postman, the grocer, well, everyone was coming up to me and asking “Hey man! Where can I get that board? It is just too cool!” The Kool 10’ was born that day.