Black Diamond

Black Diamond


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Whitney Boland: Life in the Gunks

Whitney Boland has climbed all over the world, and she has had more than 30 addresses in the past 10 years. The community, travel and pursuit of climbing define her life. And her passion for moving over rock has also led her to her current home, a small cabin on the edge of New York’s Shawangunks, where she has rediscovered what it means to live, to climb and to. repeat

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Kevin Mahoney: The Lifer

Kevin Mahoney is a real passionate of his sport. When he sees a rock, he needs to climb it

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Joe Kinder: The Andalusia Days

Joe Kinder went to the Catalonia region of Spain, where he truly fell in love with the landscape. We understand why !

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In 1996 Marc Le Menestral accomplished the feat to climb the Alchimiste rock. Since then, nobody succeed to repeat it. Until now.

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30 DAYS IN NORWAY - Joe Kinder for Black Diamond

Joe Kinder has spent 30 days in Norway to do some climbing. He returns with a beautiful edit.

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