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Join the Movement | Naish Kiteboarding 2017

Naturally driven to shake things up, innovation is in our DNA and the 2017 season does not disappoint. The new line-up features Quad-Tex, the strongest canopy material ever made; function-rich Torque Control Systems; uber-intuitive kites; performance-enhanced boards and bindings so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. We’re always asking “how high, how fast, how far . . .” and we feed that insatiable curiosity by pushing the boundaries. 2017 marks the next era in kiting. Are you ready to get on board?

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Bro Down Throw Down - Kitefest 2016

Longtime friends Jesse Richman (Naish) and Nick Jacobsen (Cabrinha) recently traveled to the biggest kiteboarding event in Argentina: Kitefest at Cuesta Del Viento. Turning up the big air competition, the two left their friendship on the shore, upping the ante with each turn to boost bigger and better than the other. Watch Jesse set what just may be another world record, as he jumps the 170 foot (nearly 52 meter) expanse of rocks and onlookers with his Naish Torch in the latest film by Forrest Dein, which celebrates the competition and camaraderie between these two epic kiters.

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When Ship Gets Real

Drop the Naish crew on a remote island for a kiting recon mission during the windiest weekend of the year and what’s caught on film is nothing short of shear anarchy. Jesse Richman, Karlie Thoma, Christian Barcellos and Alden Simmer will have you gritting your teeth as they boost in the shallow waters of Lana’i while dodging razor sharp reef and remnants of an abandoned ship. Driven by adrenaline, powered by wind and bonded by fire, this enticing edit will have you scouring the garage for a cooler and a kite for the weekend ahead. Riders: Jesse Richman: @jessetherichman Karlie Thoma: @karliethoma Christian Barcellos: @christian_pacifico_ Alden Simmer: @aldensimmer Videography: Olivier Sautet - Petole Productions @petoleproductions Photography: Quincy Dein Music: NEW ORDER - BLUE MONDAY NICOLAS JAAR - MI MUJER RODRIGUEZ - RICH FOLK HOAKS Social: Instagram: @naish_kiteboarding Facebook:

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Shawn Richman's Makes Memories Kenya

Video shot and edited by Anna Campbell

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Naish kiteboarding presents their new kites 4 new kites

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NKTV S03E04-Naish R&D

Research & Development takes time, passion, commitment…and lots of wind. What’s the recipe behind Naish’s high quality kiteboarding gear? Get behind the scenes as each member of the Naish R&D Dept. walks you through the making of the gear we all love to ride. Producer: Naish Director: Petole Prod - Riders: Damien Girardin, Lars Moltrup, Des Walsh, Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Jesse Richman, Jalou Langeree Music: One Self / Bluebird - See more at __________________________________________________________________ Best extreme sports video contests now on! JOIN RIDERS MATCH : Facebook : Twitter :!/ridersmatch Google + :

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Training for King of the Air 2015 with Team Naish

As host to kiteboarding's biggest legends and promising up-and-comers, RedBull King of the Air is a contest of epic proportions with riders, media and spectators traveling from all corners of the globe to watch the drama unfold.  So how does one train and manage their excitement in anticipation of the contest kick-off? Relive the excitement with a peek behind the scenes as Robby "the boss" Naish takes you around Cape Town, South Africa—the home of #KOTA 2015—to see how #TeamNaish riders Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman got prepped! Watch them rip alongside fellow #TeamNaish riders Jalou Langeree and Paul Serin as they push their riding to the next level.

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All the way : Naish kiteboarding

As the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Great rewards wait for those that strive to achieve. Dedicated to his craft both on and off the water, TeamNaish rider Paul Serin is driven by a passion to push ever further. What drives you? What will you accomplish?

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