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Longboarding: Sunrise Shred with Brian Bishop

Longboarding with versatility. The Apex 37 DoubleConcave by Original Skateboards allows riders of many longboarding disciplines to get sideways. Original Skateboards team rider, Brian Bishop, heads to one of his favorite local spots with his trusty Apex 37 DC for a solid sunrise session filmed and edited by Evan Bourcier. Dawn Patrol in slow-mo? Yes, please.

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Original Skateboards Axel Serrat in California

Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat, heads to Cali to hit up everything in his path with the Arbiter DK and Arbiter KT. The Arbiter family shreds it all. See the board: http://www.originalskateboards.com/lo...

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Brett Ciabattini in Malibu

Original Skateboards Team Rider, Brett Ciabattini, crashes at SkateHouse and takes some runs with his trusty custom Arbiter in Malibu and Topanga Canyon. See the board:http://originalskateboards.com/longbo... Special thanks to DLuna for the helmet and Bobby K for the gloves.

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Johnny Tsunami + Original Skateboards Arbiter KT

Longboard with the Original Skateboards Arbiter KT. See the board:http://originalskateboards.com/longbo... Maryland weather is getting better, so Original Team Rider John Kreutter goes out and has a good time in some new skate spots.

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Keep Exploring with Aleix and the Vecter 37.

Skating and traveling are the best, especially with the Vecter 37 in hand. See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longbo... Original Skateboards Team Rider, Aleix Gallimo shares a full year of riding around the world with a bunch of sweet roads and spots with tons of different people: Iceland, Austria, Italy, Chez Republic, France and Spain to name a few.

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Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

The crew from the Original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards. The Pintails are dropped low and designed for all around performance at an easily affordable price ($169 - $199 complete).http://www.originalskateboards.com/lo... Board Art by surf artist Jay Alders. 

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Longboard with Neena on the Original Skateboards Arbiter LCD

Longboard with Original Skateboards Team Rider, Neena Schueller and the Arbiter 35 Ladies Custom Design (LCD). Under sunny southern skies, Neena makes the most of the day by skating on the Arbiter 35 LCD longboard.

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ORIGINAL - Snowboard session at Gore Mountain

The Orginal team went to Gore Mountain to perform some snowboard.

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