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Ain't No Wave Pool - Mick Fanning on #TheSearch by Rip Curl

What if I told you there was an unknown sand-bottom right that is five kilometres long, breaks 20 metres off the beach, holds six foot of swell and has only been surfed by four people on the entire planet? Would you believe me? What if good-ol’-having-a-year-off-Mick Fanning was one of those surfers, and he told you that this wave had him haulin’ arse like an F1 driver down a strip of sand that never seemed to end. Would you believe him? - - - This ain't no fucking wave pool! This is the real world. This is The Snake. - - - Artist: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Track: Rattle Snake

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The Search Is Everything - Rip Curl

To live the search to me means constantly striving for the best in myself riding to my full potential whilst enjoying the path Im on. Always looking for something new to ride or exploring something completely new.

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A North Shore Superheat: Gabriel Medina, Matt Wilko And More


Regular Fall with Vincent DUVIGNAC

2min34... One sand bank... 40 barrels. This is Vincent DUVIGNAC, scoring home like no one. The 29 YO former regular footer and local native is probably the most intense surfer to watch out there. The seasonal shift from Fall to Winter is around the corner and Vincent already packed his boardbag to get ready for his next adventure leaving his homebreak for searching for new places. Credits -Michael Darrigade -Alex Lesbats -Falling Angels Prod -Laurent Pujol -Lkrtel

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Stuck In Reception | #TheSearch by Rip Curl

Unexpected. Distant. Isolated. Unknown. There are a million different ways to describe this trip, but perhaps the most fitting is to say that it was unlike anything else. 2016 WSL Women's World Champion Tyler Wright, Alana Blanchard and Nikki Van Dijk discover the nature of a journey like this – you never know what you’re going to get. See More: #MyBikini Film and Edited by Andrew Buckley. Artist: Hypersleep Track: Thumbwars Artist: Lilt Track: Wait No More

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Mirage MF Focus | Like Wearing Nothing | Rip Curl

When you’re charging like Mick in the Ments, you don’t need anything in your way. The Mirage MF Focus is the signature boardshort of the 3 x World Champ. And focus is something he’s got plenty of. #LikeWearingNothing Filmed and edit by Andrew Buckley Additional filming by Nick Pollet and Dylan Jeffery Drone footage by Stu Gibson Music: White Bleaches Track: New Age

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Gabriel Medina Wins | Hawaii Triple Crown 2015

World Champion Gabriel Medina becomes the first ever Brazilian to claim the prestigious Hawaiian Triple Crown trophy, after yet another year of impressive performances on the North Shore. #VaiMedina Filmed by Justin Jung and Nick Pollet Edit by Rip Curl Music: Surf Zombies Track: The PBR Strut Source: Getty Images

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Mick Fanning is a Legend

Well done Mick. 2015 was another incredible year full of highlights and challenges. You are a true legend. #GoMick Filmed by Justin Jung and Nick Pollet Edit by Rip Curl Music: Cuttlefish Music Track: Hurry Me Nervous Heart Source: Getty Images

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