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Graham Dickinson - RIP - Memorial Video

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must announce that 2016 WWL China Grand Prix Bronze medalist Graham Dickinson has passed away in, yet another, tragic wingsuit accident. RIP BSBD

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Andy Farrington | WWL Flight Line | Ep 10

"Flight Line" Ep 10: Andy Farrington made his first skydive at age 12 with his father, then started jumping in earnest four years later when he made 15 jumps on his 16th birthday. Since then, Andy has made almost 20,000 parachute jumps and become an internationally-known and highly respected all-round parachutist. He has competed in freefall and canopy piloting events at the national and international level, and was the 2005 world champion in canopy piloting accuracy. Andy has made more than 3,000 total wingsuit flights, including 600 wingsuit BASE jumps and stunt jumps for Transformers 3, Ironman 3 and Godzilla. He recently won the inaugural Red Bull Aces race in the USA.

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Espen Fadnes | WWL Flight Line | Ep 7

"Flight Line" - The awesome new wingsuit series by WWL with the best wingsuit pilots in the world. This episode starring Espen Fadnes. New Episodes every other Thursday at 6pm CET! Espen was born and raised in Molde, Norway. Already from a young age the combination a competitive mind, the need to be seen and risk willingness turned Espen towards individual sports. The childhood was filled with skiing, climbing and swimming all year around.  He competed in alpine racing until he was 19 years old, and the whole time also climbed mountains to find untracked skiing lines. After the alpine racing career he needed to fill the vacuum and started skydiving. It was there he at the age of 21 was introduced to base jumping, a sport that changed his life. It became a playground for his desires to explore his capabilities. During the early 2000s he became part of an adventurous group called the VKB in Norway. They developed new equipment for base jumping and wingsuit flying. In 2007 they introduced proximity flying to the world through the ski movie Seven Sunny Days, and it became the start for an up growing professionalism in parts of the base jumping community.

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WWL FLIGHT LINE | EPISODE 1 - Wingsuit with Julian Boulle

Flight Line is the new series by WWL, featured with the best wingsuiter of the world. For this episode, this is Julian Boulle who start!

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