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Surfing - Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich - Episode 1

Sofia Mulanovich, the first Peruvian surfer who won the ASP World Tour (2004) and the first South American who gained the World Title (2004), creates now together with Swatch a Surf Academy for young Peruvian surf talents in Punta Hermosa, Peru. Sofia Mulanovich decides to share her experience to teenagers in a three year program – a full scholarship and a unique opportunity for the kids. It combines top-level, competitive surf-training with life lessons anchored in the key areas of environmental protection, healthy living and fair play. ”My aim is to give the Proyecto members the very best support, through my team, so they can grow and develop and seize life’s opportunities”, declared Sofia Mulanovich. 10 high-potential teenagers and their families gathered in the “beach house”, to show media their determination to chase and live their dreams. The “Surf-Stars of the future” were chosen from 67 hopeful applicants by Sofia Mulanovich and her selection committee. Be prepared for more clips – stay tuned!  

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