The Legits

The Legits
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First of all, we live our passion. We love what we are doing and we want others to feel the same. Our journey started long time ago, when we chose the PASSION way. Backed up with 13 years in video production world, 7 years in the streetwear game, and 5 years organizing events, we decided to start The Legits movement in May, 2013, featuring the Passion Dictates Action slogan. We are family of artists that travel and spread The Legits movement around the globe, because everyone deserves to live to the fullest! We are striving to express the movement via inspiring lifestyles of dedicated individuals worldwide, who live their passions and whom we call The Legits. The movement is simply a state of mind, emphasizing the importance of having and developing one's passion, while inspiring others. The Legits is the movement to impact people's thinking about their way of life and self-accomplishment, and inspire them to live their passion, emphasizing quality over quantity in life.