French Freerun Family

French Freerun Family



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The French Freerun Family is an international professional team of freerunning from France.

Workshops , Events , Tv-Shows , stunts , photographies , development , communication , competitions , Athletes affiliate.
A new Generation: it will represent the French Parkour and Freerunning talents in France with lot of experience.

Professional & international athletes Pk/Fr .

French Methode Of Parkour , Physical training , Coaching , Workshops , Sports educator , doctor , manager.

8 International Athletes , 7 Staff Members.

France , Autriche , Switzerland , United Stats , England , Germany , China , Japan . . . the French Freerun Family Athletes work in every Countries around the World. Different philosophies and talents.

We practice lot of sports and arts and respect each philosophies and points of view, our team is a mix of different type of people with different points of view but share the same way of professionalism in the artistique part.

" At the crossroads of Styles "

" Under The Same Sky "

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