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Longboard Girls Crew started in Madrid in 2010. At that time, the main idea was to get more girls into the sport. We did it through the tools we had at that time and new stuff that was coming up.

We started shooting videos that inspired women to start skating, showing them that we could do it, how accessible it was and how much fun we had and so should they. We promoted all the girls we knew through the Facebook fan page and asked them to send their photos and videos, even though most of them (and us) were beginners or had nothing close to a PRO level. We also did gatherings, Girls Meets and events (contests, freerides) to promote women in the scene. We named the active girls in different countries LGC ambassadors so that they kept spreading the stoke, supporting and inspiring newcomers all around the world. We put female longoarding out there, got some international and media attention and thanks to all this work combined we started not only to gain recognition for women  but most importantly, we got thousand of women into the sport around the world. Crazy, right?