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Helmet Freerunning - The Safety Boss | Team Farang

Safety is Pasha's number 1 concern when it comes to being the Boss of Freerunning. See more from Team Farang at Song: Alright Come On - Sebastian Forslund  Farang on Facebook: Farang on Instagram @teamfarang Follow Pasha the Boss - @pashatheboss #Highlight

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Farang Goes: Woodward Extras!

Check out for more! When Jason and Pasha hit up Freerunning Summer Camp Woodward for week that naturally meant we'd have way too much footage for just one video. Did you feel like you wanted more after the highlight edit? (hint: you definitely wanted more!!) We put together our extras, fails and shenanigans. Enjoy! Special thanks to Tara Shipley for bringing us and making this dream come true!  Music from Epidemic Music Library: Niklas Alhström - Down in the Dust

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Farang Goes: Malaysia - bridges be crazy

Jason got kicked out of the country, because his VISA ran out so he made the best of it. This is his weekend in Malaysia!

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Freerunning in Bangkok's Ghost Tower

A midst the impressive skyline that towers above the little street stalls and busy streets of Bangkok you will find one that stands out. This 50-storey skyscraper has been abandoned mid-construction since the economic crash in the 90s and has been dubbed by the locals as Ghost Tower. Jason and Shaun spent the day exploring the epic tower, and filming it from a Freerunners perspective. Enjoy

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Sheva - Venice to Vegas - Freerunning

Sheva proves us that girls can do parkour too!

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