The FEST series

The FEST series

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Darkfest - Official Highlights

The boys headed to South Africa with plans to take Pure Darkness to the next level. The result - Darkfest. Nico Vink, Clemens 'C-Dawg' Caudela and Sam Reynolds spent a month at the PD site refreshing the original step up and 'small' line, as well as building a new line (aka the twisty wizard). Nico and Clemens are the 2 most experienced builders in the scene, they killed it!! Andreu Lecondeguy, Cam Zink, Graham Aggasiz, Kurt Sorge, Adolf Silva, Kyle Jameson and Ethan Nel joined them (along with the media team of course) for 2 weeks of insane riding and good times! 

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FEST series 2015 - Cruzfest - Highlight

Kyle Jameso, Jeff Herb and Ryan Howard held the first FEST of the year in Santa Cruz in a secret location in the hills... Swanpound. Huge thanks to Arik Swan, owner of the propierty for making it possible and to everyone behind it. The course was one of the flowiest ever and it was so good build that Tyler Bereman, Arik Swan and other moto riders were shreding the hell out of it

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FEST series - Loosefest - All drone

IG: @festseries Nico Vink worked hard to build a massive set of jumps in the town of Malmedy at the Bikepark Ferme Libert for his FEST event, which was held July 29th to August3rd 2014. Loosefest showcased, not only, the biggest jumps of the 2014 FEST series, but some of the biggest jumps ever cleared on mountain bikes. The beginning of the course had aflowy section with 2 berms, a shark fin into a first 60 feet left side hip, followed by a 70 feet straight jump which lead into the final 75 feet booter slightly hipped to the right The video shows all drone shots from the riders, Trond Hansen, Kurt Sorge, Nico Vink and Andreu Lacondeguy. It was shot by Jan Commelinck from Aeroplay Films and edited by Nick Pescetto Enjoy the airtime

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