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In 2006 we dropped our second wheel and started to ride on just one. In the beginning it was not easy but with tons of practice and inspiration from other unicyclists we made improvements. We frequently travelled across Europe to participate at international unicycle competitions and conventions.

While travelling gave us an opportunity to explore different countries, meeting other unicyclists from varying cultures was always something special for us.

Internationally we are known as „The Pöham Brothers“, because the three of us appear at events or in videos most of the time together as brothers. It is a pleasure for us to always have somebody to ride with and we are always trying to motivate each other to land new tricks.

The best thing in this sport is that we get to know people from all over the world. Although lots of them live far away, it is always important for us to maintain our friendships. The unicycle community has it’s own positive spirit that motivates and inspires all unicyclists. The feeling to be welcomed anywhere around the world is unique.

Consistently we team up with other riders from other countries and travel all over the world to ride, film and to have fun.