Luderitz Speed Challenge

Luderitz Speed Challenge
Lüderitz, Namibia

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2015 blew gales in Luderitz, Namibia and the speed sailors, kiters and windsurfers, had the time of their lives! The absolute beauty of Luderitz, combined with an unbelievable speed canal, gave riders like Antoine Albeau, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Sebastien Cattelan and many others, the opportunity to lay it all on the line, resulting in New world records, National records... and a whole lot of fun!

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NEWS – RACE DAY 4: Today the wind arrived late. We opened the race with the new riders coming from France and Great Britain at 1.30pm. They joined the competitors from the previous Race Days and straight away demonstrated their skills. The day started with 25 knots average wind speed which is light considering what Lüderitz can really provide, and what the forecast predicted. After a few warm-up runs, riders quickly got used to the channel and made the most of the moderate winds (reaching 33 knots average today). Clouds provided gusty winds which are not ideal. Antoine Albeau (France) the 22 x World champion in Windsurfing achieved 49.94 kts at the beginning of the day in 25-30 kts of winds only with a bigger sail for light conditions: 6.4. Most of Antoine’s runs achieved 49 kts (4x) and 48kts(3x); Patrik Diethelm, the Italian record Holder achieved 49.79 kts (Best speed for him today and achieved over 49 kts (3x) and 48 kts(3x) close to his record (51.18 kts). The battle for top speeds has been really tight between them. Many riders have done a good performance today with the wind conditions: Yann Coadic (French windsurfer) achieved 47.55 kts last year and has almost beaten his PB (Personal Best) today with 47.44 kts Manfred Merle from Germany has been very close to his German National Record of 2013 (which has been beaten in 2014) with 47.3 kts (2013: 47.86 kts). The 3x World Record Holder (1991-1993), Thierry Bielak from France has achieved 46.84 kts with an amazing 50.87 kts top max speed! 3 Personal Bests have been achieved today: Christophe Richaud – France (3rd participation) achieved 46.66 kts (was 46.55 kts) Laurent Fesquet – France hasn’t stopped improving starting from 39 kts up to an incredible 45.11 kts today. Christian Maillet - France, also his 1st participation at the event, was targeting 40 kts and achieved 41.16 kts

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The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015 Trailer

The Luderitz Speed Challenge has become synonymous with World Records and amazing times... as competitors from around the globe, the best windsurfers and kite surfers go head to head to become the fastest sailor in the world.

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New World Record by Chris Ballois - Luderitz Speed Challenge: 23 October 2014

On this 23 October 2014, in Lüderitz, Namibia, will go down in the history books as Kite surfer Chris Ballois (France) has set a new World Record for disabled riders, ratified by the WSSRC and ISAF-IFDS. In only 25 knot average winds and after reaching 39.14 knots on his very first run down the multiple-record breaking channel, Chris on his second run then took his brand new world record to yet another level with 42.94 knots (80 kph!) (average speed) over the official 500metres. His passion for the sport has motivated him to gain the skills, strength, physical and mental conditioning to achieve speeds that many non-disabled kite surfers only dream of. Good winds are forecast for the next few days and if Chris continues with his existing performances, he could very well be the fastest performer yet. Several new windsurfers who have just arrived have also attempted the channel for the first time today to get ready for stronger wind conditions. French, Italian, Swedish, Russian and British riders have arranged their gear and adjusted their equipment in anticipation of stronger forecasted winds for tomorrow (24.10.14)

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