Greg Badal is an animal. He runs 39.5'off everywhere(and now ever so close to running 41'off), which is what propelled him to the top of the Big Dawg Championships and what keeps him going. He skis more than anyone else on the Syndicate team. More sets, more buoys, more passes...Just plain more. This stems from his endurance but is also due to his intense love for the sport. "Meeting different people from all over the world and being able to help people at all different levels" is what Badal claims he enjoys most about the sport and scene, and we at Syndicate think that philosophy is just dandy!

Titles: 3-Nationals, 4 Regionals , 1 Big Dawg Champ

Records: Masters Men Record (5@41'off) and 34mph record. Multiple Regional Records, Current M-4 5@41, National Record & Area Record 5@41

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