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Skateology: Hardflip (1000 fps slow motion)

Good news for all the haters! I re-filmed the hardflip skateology with some legit proper-ass hardflips. Check it out here This is my Skateology video for hardflips. These clips were filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1280x720 resolution. Skaters include Wes Wallace, Kurt Raymond (0:28& 1:29), Zach Miyamoto (1:00), Dylan Phipps (1:12 & 2:14)), Scott Hartzel (1:49), Alex Knox (1:56), and Wes Johnson (2:26). I literally had about 20 minutes of hardflip footage and I had to leave a lot of good ones out to get it down to a reasonable length. I wanted to show the two major styles of hardflips, which are the ones that are popped basically straight up with little or no flick with the front foot (like Dylan at 1:12) and the other looks more like a frontside shuv-it kickflip (like Kurt at 0:29). Thanks to Dunian for the music. This song is called Mind Body Mind.

2:48 2 677,816