Saint-Petersburg, RU


32 years old

1.79 m


Living almost all yar in Indonesia

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Teaser - CORIDE Surf Ambassador Video Contest 2015

We organize in partnership with RidersMatch the first Surf video contest to recruit our new ambassador. The principle? Make a video introducing you, showing  you are good rider, and above all the best to represent CoRide throughout the year. We will elect among the best videos ambassador CoRide 2015. His role? Share experience, advise, and represent CoRide! € 1,000 to win for the ambassador and a GoPro bracelet for video getting the most votes. Upload your video from April 13 and made friends vote from April 20 to May 26!

1:45 10 1,372


Throwback Desert Point

Trowback to 2014.Me and Adam Bennets tralve to catch big swell on one of the longest left handed barel in the planet - Desert Point Lombok Indonesia.We been there only for one day but there was a couple of really good surfers such as Kalani Chapman with his brother,RVCA team and Adi Bol Putra from Volcom here we go big swell and long barels. Shoot on Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7q 2k raw Canon 200-400 with built in extender 1.4 Carl Zeiss Cp2 lenses Music by The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Just for today

4:16 3 101