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Addict is simply a crew of riders and friends. Over the years we’ve come to form a very close bond, some of us decided to study design and 3D conception (CAO, DAO) with the aim of putting all the experiences of riding and testing into designing scooters. Addict As a family, each rider has their own signature deck and bars that reflects their style. The first Addict Collection was the result of 3 years of brainstorming, development, and innovation. We are now working on a new Collection. Each part has been tested by some of the best street riders in the movement today, for months we created and shredded, until we finally had the approval of the riders and designers. Addict, Designed by riders, for riders. Design, Development and Brand Managment : Johann Moreau Graphic Art : Past Collection : Olivier Poinsignon Collectable - OG deck : John Caleb Collection 2015 : Olivier Poinsignon Team : Logan Fuller(USA), Alex Peasley(Canada), Johann Moreau(FR), Mathias Holst(Denmark), Tobias Mayer(Austria) and Michael Cajas(CH)