Sport(s) Represented


Ampisound are a Parkour production house and performance team. We aim to inspire through movement.

First experiencing Parkour in late 2005, I quickly fell in love with the movement. Parkour is an art that can produce such changes in people, create powerful moments and truly cause someone to view the world around with brand new eyes. In turn, as I myself walk the path of a practitioner my expression as an artist continues to progress. Through my training, I am able to recognize moments and nuances that may often bypass the less experienced. One of these benefits is the means to access places only practitioners can, be it by climbing up, balancing on or hanging off the multitudes of obstacles that Parkour enables freedom from.

Since day one, Ampisound has been focused on producing original and creative film productions whilst ensuring to stay deeply rooted within the community it grew from. Utilising HD-DSLR’s as the future standard of filmmaking equipment, Ampisound aims to remain an innovator through a diverse assortment of progressive editing techniques and camerawork, whilst each piece features a carefully selected soundtrack, often custom mixed. Ensuring to keep the content and themes of a film in constant evolution, the athletes Ampisound represents are responsible for a large portion of the choreography and thus each work is part their own and is a reflection of the energy and passion they themselves and as a group have put into the art.