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Bullshittin' At X Games - Mic'd Up With Ryan Nyquist

It hardly needs to be stated that Ryan Nyquist is a veteran of X Games, but he also happens to be one of the funniest dudes on the deck. I threw a mic on him during park practice and in honor of the Bullshittin' video we put together last year (which there maaay still be one), put together a pretty lengthy cut of laughs for ya...

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Unlike most YouTube titles these days, this is no bait click. Over the course of four Sundays, we hit up a local campus to plot, spot, and attempt to film one monumental line both through the campus and whoever got in the way. Chad's consistency is on another level and this two minute line is a testament to just that.  Even with the slip at the end, this is by far, the longest street line ever filmed. And, before you say it, Chad did end up pulling the full line and that 180 at the end. We'll be posting a behind the scenes video tomorrow with a bunch of what happened along the way and the full, completely pulled line. But everything about this attempt was just too good not to put out first... The dog was fine and we never saw that girl to apologize, so if you see this, sorry! Filmed by Doeby Huynh

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BMX - Cory "Nasty" Nastazio - Addicted 2014

Dirt legend Cory Nastazio year end edit for 2014. Cory Nastazio sent over this year end edit and he, of course, kills it as only he can. Cory has been in the game a long time and the backyard setup, the early morning sessions, the jams, and everything in between really shows how much love he has for this shit...respect.

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Simple Session 2017 - Garrett Reynolds' Winning Runs

Want to see what it takes to win Street at Simple Session? Here you go... Garrett Reynolds' winning runs at Simple Session 2017. Congrats Garrett!

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Simple Session 2017 - Larry Edgars Winning Park Runs

This is what it takes to win the top park spot at Simple Session... Larry Edgar's winning runs from Simple Session 2017. Congrats Larry!!

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Flight delays and some jet lag had me feeling all sorts of weird yesterday, but I managed to catch the last bit of the first day of practice here at Simple Session 2017. The course looks dope and everyone that commented on it had nothing but good things to stay. The event should be a damn good one. 

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Tyler Fernengel's Insane 2016 Haro BMX Section!

Two years of stacking clips, injuries, pain, recovery, and life in between have all led to this. Four minutes of high-speed, hit you over the head riding from the one and only Tyler Fernengel for Haro BMX! Tyler's signature "TF" frame from Haro will be available in March and is available for preorder from your local shop, so keep an eye out for it! Film/edit: Christian Rigal https://www.harobikes.com/bmx/ http://ridebmx.com Subscribe to our channel for more videos! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...

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When you travel nonstop for a living, some of the best days on your bike are spent close to home. Instead of traveling far for this edit, Pat decided to keep it local and film in Southern California. From his compound in Riverside to a few local parks and ditches, Pat shows his versatility and skills on a bike the only way he knows how, all or nothing and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Shop the new Dagger Pant at http://foxhead.com/dagger  Cameras: Veesh Ryan Marcus Cassidy Tillemans Edit: Veesh (Bear of the Sun) Music: Volcanoes “Oil Rainbows” Heavy Hands The Math Team

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