The Renovation

The Renovation

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The Renovation 2015 | Full Recap

The Renovation 2015 is a wrap! For the 2nd year of The Renovation Steffen Vollert invited some of the worlds best wakeboarders to the wakepark of his choice to completely customize the course design and battle it out on one of the most unique setups ever built. Team Humanoid: Mitch Langfield, Chris O’Shea and Nick Dorsey Team Slingshot: Steffen Vollert, Dylan Miller and Tobi Rittig The fans have voted and a winner has been crowned ... Congratulations to team Humanoid. But there's more to The Renovation than just choosing a winner ... It’s about the friendly gathering, the aweseome sessions from both competing teams, the impressive new level of riding and of course having a good time. –––––––––––––––––– Thanks to … Slingshot (, Humanoid ( and GoPro ( The Bricks, Duisburg/Germany ( The Cable Wakeboard Magazine ( and Union Wakeboarder Magazine ( Photographers Stefan Eigner ( and Lennart Ritscher ( Videographer Andy Kolb ( –––––––––––––––––– #THERENOVATION

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