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The Waterman league
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Reynolds at J-Bay: Can He Hack It?

He's known for his high-flying moves, but Dane Reynolds (USA) also has a knack for hacking up walls with a few surprises along the way. He showed off his skills at the 2009 Billabong Pro J-Bay, where he surfed his way to the Semifinals. Starting July 8, Reynolds will again have the chance to reveal his prowess below the lip as a wildcard at the J-Bay Open -- so it might be time to reconsider your Fantasy roster. Catch him LIVE daily at and on the WSL App.

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PIPELINE WARRIORS - Final day 2015

Final Day of the first annual Pipeline Warriors. With Jamie O'Brien first place.

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Stand Up Paddle

Kai Lenny & Connor Baxter a battle for the ages

We take a look at another historic battle this year on the Stand Up World Series, as Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter go blow for blow, event by event as they make their way to Huntington Beach for the penultimate stop on the 2013 season taking place on the 21st - 22nd September. ________________________________________________________ Best extreme sports video contests now on! JOIN RIDERS MATCH : Facebook : Twitter :!/ridersmatch Google + :

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Stand Up Paddle

Kai Lenny pumped for Brazil and Abu Dhabi - SUP

With the next two stops on tour being Brazil and Abu Dhabi, and the the Stand Up World Series kicking off in Brazil, we check in with Kai Lenny to get his perspective on the upcoming competitions. For more information on the Brazil and Abu Dhabi events go to: More videos from The Waterman League here: ****************************** Best extreme sports video are now on : FOLLOW RIDERS MATCH : Facebook :‬ Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :‬ CONTACT US :

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