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Vincent Milou Globe Part

Vincent hails from Tarnos, France which is just a stone's throw away from the surf breaks of the world famous Hossegor shores. After witnessing Vincent’s raw talent right before my eyes at a FISE contest series in Denver, Colorado just this past September, I knew this kid was hungry to skate, always up for a good time and he has a great head on his shoulders. Three weeks later he happily accepted to ride for Willys Workshop in Edmonton, Canada. I filmed an intro video to welcome him to the team and seriously, I kid you not, within 45 minutes he annihilated the skatepark to smitherines. He was also victorious on that tour stop for the FISE contest. Vincent just turned 20 during the recent Tampa Am contest, where he actually qualified second in the semi-finals but blew it in the finals and got 11th. Since Tampa he’s been posted in sunny San Diego with my family. We’ve been hitting the local parks such as TWS, PQ, Lakeside, Kimball, Poods, and Academy, and of course we’ve been chomping in streets. Now that you’ve read that Vincent can clearly without a doubt rip in a contest or your very own local skatepark, I present to you with out further ado that today Tuesday, December 6, 2016 is officially V.M. Day, and watch this part brought to you by GLOBE Brand. It’s simply magnificent!—Willy Santos

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Zered Bassett in Expedition's Gone Fishin'

Zered's part from Gone Fishin' was a favorite of everyone who saw it. Worth a rewatch or 20.

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Video Check Out: Nick Suarez

Recommended reading: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Am who should be pro: Brendan Keaveny. Fashion don’t: Tank tops. Summer vacation: Around the states with all my friends. Dream sponsor: already have ‘em. Pet peeve: Injuries. Next contest: Nope. First skate video you saw: Life Skateboards, A Soldier’s Story. Everytime I see Nick, he’s doing something buck. He’s got style and that goes a looonng way.—Jimmy Cao

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Kia World Extreme Games Vert Contest

Here's the wrap up video of the Kia World Extreme Games Vert competition.  

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X Games 2015 Big Air

Check out the Big Air competition from X Games 2015 in Austin, Texas. Featuring Jake Brown, Rony Gomes, Tom Schaar, Elliot Sloan, and Bob Burnquist.

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Hjalte Halberg Video Part

Hailing from the magnificent city of Copenhagen in Denmark, Hjalte (say it like “Yaldi”) Halberg filmed this video part while shooting his interview in our July issue, read it here: Special thanks to Nike SB and Polar.

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Kinetic Skateshop presents Silk: Giorgio Villone

This part’s fire. Dope ledge tricks and a classic KMD track. The Kinetic team is strong. R.I.P. to the mouse.

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Park Barge: Riley and Tony Hawk

It was a rad thing to watch Tony and Riley Hawk skate our park together, do some doubles lines, and have Tony shoot some video of his own.

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