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SlacklifeBC is a leader in outdoor adventure gear and media, specializing in sport of Slacklining. Based out of beautiful British Columbia Canada, the SlacklifeBC athletes, product developers and cinematographers have from sea to sky to train their skills, push the limits, capture awe inspiring shots and develop products that work.

Designing next generation slackline equipment, made in Canada, tested in the mountains, SlacklifeBC will continue to advance the sport, make it safer and more accessible for everyone

Pushing the limits and capture breath taking photos and videos, SlacklifeBC will deliver that epic shot sure to leave your viewers wanting more. Specials, commercials, interviews, motivational speaking and more!

With the goal to bring slackening to everyone, SlacklifeBC designs and installs custom slackline parks, allowing all ages to enjoy the ever growing sport. Adding extreme highline and net course is sure to bring any recreational area to a whole new level.

SlacklifeBC’s event entertainment can put on a show you won’t forget and give people of all ages and abilities a chance to try!