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Tess Ledeux : World slopestyle ski champion in Sierra Nevada

At only 15 years old, on march 19, Tess Ledeux won the slopestyle world championships in Sierra Nevada (Spain). The young skier of La Plagne reveals us her journey, her impressions and her goals for the years to come.


Laird Hamilton flies during the Maider Arosteguy, in Guéthary. Benjamin Ithurriague, the creator of Benitu Video offers us an incredible part of the surf legend.

[Kite] Nick Jacobsen jumps from a 1053-feet hotel in Dubai !

Normal people start from a beach. Nick Jacobsen starts from a hotel roof. But our dear Nick is far from being a normal person...

WSL 2017: Victory for John John Florence at Margaret River

Faced with his Californian compatriot Kolohe Andino, John John Florence won this weekend the final of the Margaret River pro, second round of the World Surf Tour Championship 2017.

[FMX] Travis Pastrana rides on water!

Back in motocross, Travis PASTRANA shows us that the discipline is all-terrain. At the literal sense !

Sailing : Capsizing of a ship in California

Last Thursday in Redondo Beach, a sailboat whose crew had lost control was swept by a wave before being under the harbor pier.

Drug Aware Pro : Sebastian Zietz Charges Massive Pipe for Perfect 10

Margaret River Pro 2017 : Sebastian Zietz produced a uge surf session, a piece of late magic to score a perfect 10-point wave

Ugo Robin : A path to a professional surf career

Thanks to the EKOSEA website, Ugo Robin hopes to raise sufficient funds to participate in the European WQS which will begin in April. Between studies and competitions, the young reunionese surfer hopes to make a name in pro surfing.

The incredible bodyboard session of Lewy Finnegan

When the surf legend Kelly Slater post a bodyboard video on his Facebook