A revolutionary dock launches the surf in the 4th dimension

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Headlining this week, a new concept launched by Volcom : a pontoon for the waves from which we can jump to surf ! On the second step of the podium an extraordinary video with Parkour, BMX and water jump… on a moving train !! Then it’s the turn of the two guys from Soul Flyers, training in their new sport “the coconut skydiving”!


                                All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A splendid production for a high-quality surf clip

Video : 1M30S by Baptiste Haugomat


The recipe of a gorgeous surf clip ? A french well-known video maker : Baptiste Haugomat, an amazing surfer from Reunion Island, and the French waves handle the rest! Aquatic and aerial views that feed our pupils, just a bit of pleasure in the beginning of the Top 10!


9/ THE Freebord meeting of the year !

Video : Lausanne Slopestyle | Official video 2017 by Lausanne Slopestyle


The famous Lausanne Slopestyle come back for its sixth edition. Same town, same ambiance and some organizers at the top like always, to sum up : a lot of fun! The aftermovie makes us live the best moments by plunging us in the atmosphere of this extraordinary event.


8/ An insane BMX race under the setting sun

Video : BMX Team CBD - Messigny Ventoux by Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy” sent us its last production and we loved it! Different from a lot of other extreme sports videos, we fell in love with this handsome BMX video!


7/ Awesome skate tournament in a very cool bowl

Video : Pedro Barros Dominates at Hasting's Skatepark | Vans Park Series 2017 by Red Bull


All the factors were gathered so that this 2017 edition of the Vans Park series goes well. We let you enjoy the best tricks of the best riders! With this amazing casting : Ivan Federico, CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Adam Hopkins, Patrick Ryan, …


6/ Intense motocross training before the X Games

Video : Dirt Shark - 2017 FMX X Games Training by Monster Energy


One of the most extreme sport, on a dreaming circuit and with the best drivers in the world. Monster Energy had made this video of the training before the X Games!


5/ The best slackliners of the world face each other under a driving rain

Video : BEST TRICKLINE SLACKLINERS 2017 - World Slackline Masters final battle by Danny Strasser

Danny Strasser, THE best Slackline film maker, shared with us a breathtaking recap of the last Slackline championship. Gorgeous tricks, fails and fun ! We couldn’t be there, but Danny leads us with him in its video.


4/ A 13 years old girl won the X Games

Video : Brighton Zeuner wins Women's Skateboard Park gold | X Games Minneapolis 2017 by X Games


12 years old and she is a better skater than you, she won the last edition of the X Games in Minneapolis! Brighton impresses us with its very technical and no fault run. She deserves a huge applause, what level would she have in 2-3 years?


3/ Play with a coconut when skydiving at 200 km/h

Video : Craziest holiday: Skydiving with a Coconut in Guadeloupe | Soul Flyers by Red Bull


A simple coconut can make 2 guys happy? Of course! 2 skydivers from Soul Flyers jump in the emptiness with just a coconut and it’s done! To sum up : again a wonderful Red Bull production made in Guadeloupe with 2 delirious guys.

2/ Parkour, BMX and Water jump on the roof of a train

Video : STUNTS ON A TRAIN! by People are Awesome


Except in the movies, ride on a train is a performance never seen before! Parkour, BMX, but also Water jump in this very amazing session!


1/ Surf without rowing ? It’s now possible !

Video : The Dock by STAB


Why didn’t we think about that before? Volcom did it : built a team of crazy riders, put a dock on the spot, and set the beats free! Criticized by some, loved by others, this installation is setting the fire in the surf world!

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