Barracuda Tour 2017 - An international fishing competition by Beneteau

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The Barracuda Tour is back for its 2017 edition! A great success once again this year, the fishers came from the four corners of the earth to face each other, but before anything else: to meet around a passion!

It was in 2013 that the brand Bénéteau launched the first edition of this international fishing event. The principle? Gather all the fans in a competition in order to determine the winner of the Barracuda Tour 2017! After the selection process by the “Challenge Amateur” and the “Selectives”, the winners meet each other for “La Grande Finale” at the Morbihan Gulf.

            The watchword of this event? No it’s not “competition” but “ambiance”! More than winning, the participants are here to share a passion, fish and have a great time. As Yannick Hemet, the sales director of Bénéteau, says: “The spirit of Barracuda Tour: first the good mood, and only then the competition”. And this way of thinking is completely shared by the participants who describe the challenges as a “convivial” moment, and their smiles show it!

            This event became a reference in the world of sea fishing, the whole challenge is based on 2 major principles. First the “No Kill”, it means that all the fish are released during the competition. But also, the principle of equality is applied, all the participants have the same equipment in their boats. By the way, the competition is done only with Bénéteau’s boat, for this reason, the brand provides boats during the event. It allows fishers to discover the boats of the brand and to talk about them with experts.

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