[EVENT] The F1 Powerboat World Championship invites itself to Evian !

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The waters are going to be far from still on Lake Léman, situated near Evian, during the last weekend of June for the second stage of the world championship of F1 nautical mortorcycling. Phillipe Chiappe, 2014’s world champion will evidently be present to defend his title in front of spectators.

A unseen race

After long negociations, the world championship of F1 nautical mortorcycling will definitely be stopping in France for the weekend of the 27/28th of June. Sadly, there will be no Queen category. But rest assured, these boats, powered by motors with 400 horse power, are the most performant in the world : 0 to 160 km/h in 4 seconds, 225 km/h in max speed.

An ideal setting

The domain is a vast space to appreciate the show and it’s access is entirely free on the dock which will allow the public to watch this sport that is as spectacular as it is unknown. Our tip to fully enjoy the competition is to take a stroll along the circuit to admire all the angles of the risk taking participants.

A frenchman in the race for the title

Lake Leman, habitually a calm place, will host during the last weekend of June the ‘creme de la creme’ of the Formula 1 Nautical Motorcycling scene for the second stop of the World Championship. A championship in which Philippe Chiappe, winner of the 24h of Rouen, imposed himself at last year’s event. Philppe, member of the China CTIC Team, a french team financed by Chinese investors, is actually second in the provisionary classment after having participated in the Grand Prix in Qatar. No doubt that Chiappe and his team are going to go big as they are on home turf. As a matter of fact, he says it himself « it would awesome to run a GP at Evian in 2015 in front of the French public with the number one world champion ! »

Translated by Nick Green


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