Extreme skiing with the best riders in the world - Top 10 n°6

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Again, an insane Top 10 with incredible videos of parkour, kitefoil, Supsquatch, bodyboard, freestyle ski, surf, skate, and on the 3rd step of the podium : alluring motocross, in the 2nd position : surf barrels in one of the most famous spot in the world, and at the top this week : a ski teaser deserving of the biggest Hollywood production.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A bloodcurdling Parkour session on Tokyo’s rooftops

Vidéo : GoPro Freerunning Tokyo Rooftops with Jason Paul par GOPRO


Jason Paul enjoys itself, jumping between the buildings, forgetting the word “risk”. This fan of extreme sensations sets the bar high and totally deserves its place in this Top 10 n°6 !


9/ Stéphane Goffinet in its last kitefoil session

Video : When the Wild Wind Blows by KETOS FOIL


Discover Stéphane Goffinet in a strapless kitefoil session in the waves. He is progressing with a disconcerting ease and surfs on the beachcomber in a complete levitation !

8/ A huge dose of fun with the Giant Sup in Hawaii on the Makaha spot

Video : SUPsquatch at Makaha  What SUP by OUTSIDE TV


You want to ally surf and fun ? So choose the Sup Squatch and launch an attack on the beachcomber with everyone on the same board : sensations guaranteed !


7/ Amaury Lavernhe, the french star of Bodyboard do well at The Arica Chilean Challenge 2016

Video : Amaury Lavernhe in Arica, Chile 2016 by AMAURY LAVERNHE


In this video, Amaury Lavernhe takes very impressive Chilean barrels ! This french Bodyboard champion gives everything in The Arica Chilean Challenge 2016, regular customer of the podiums, he doesn’t give up !


6/ Gorgeous tricks with a van? It’s now possible !

Video : Jibbing the LINE Traveling Circus Van! by LINE SKIS   


The freestyle skiers from Line Skis land at the mountain with their very original “Traveling Circus Van” ! On this improvised ramp, they offer us an arsenal of figures all more impressive from another, in the pure jib tradition !


5/ Leo Etienne never stops surprising us



We rediscover the young Leo in Butterfly Island in the last Protest video. This young rider takes some spectacular barrels and its new school tricks let us speechless.


4/ The skater teams eS and DGK let themselves go for the pleasure of our eyes

Video : DGK x eS Skateboarding by DGK


An intense skate session with Jahmir Brown, Demarquis McDaniels, Wade Desarmo, Juan Moreno. These skaters amaze us with their tricks always more insane, and the director Brad Rosaro makes this talent even more sublime !


3/ Rabbitriderzz shows us its last motocross video



The Rabbitriderzz team sends us a tremendous dose of emotion and adrenaline with this clip. The young riders, looking for sensations, show us their best tricks, slow motions are amazing : a real marvel !


2/ A huge surf session with dreaming tricks

Video : Cloudbreak Turned On Waves Go Bonkers in Fiji  Sessions w Fioravanti and Fanning by RED BULL


Red Bull feeds us again this week with this  high-quality clip directed by Jacob Vanderworf in the Fidji Islands. This time they have called the excellent riders Leonardo Fioravanti and Mick Fanning. The last one also offers us an unbelievable barrel of which he had the secret at 1:46. He wasn’t named as a world champion for nothing !


1/ Drop everything : the long-awaited teaser of the Matchstick production

Video : DROP EVERYTHING Official Trailer 4k by MSPFILMS


Matchstick, the famous production company shows us its very last teaser “Drop Everything”. A video with the best free-skiers like Mark Abma, Markus Eder, or Eric Hjorleifson, release of the movie coming soon !

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