Levi Siver lauch mountain windsurfing and create the windsnow !

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It’s a world first for the windsurf champion, realized on the island of Rishiri in Japan.

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Merge the snowboarding and the windsurfing, it’s the amazing idea that Levi Siver had, the american windsurfer used to giant waves. With a material developed for this occasion by the famous Hawaiian shaper Keith Teboul, Levi Siver rides on volcano slopes of the mount Rishiri, in Japan. It’s his partner Red Bull who allowed him to concretize this crazy project envisaged for 5 years. As you would expect, , he’s already planning a second session, with friends and an even more sophisticted equipment to surf in the powdery. Does this video mark the emergence of a new extreme sport?


Copyright picture : Red Bull

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