Sailing : Capsizing of a ship in California

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Last Thursday in Redondo Beach, a sailboat whose crew had lost control was swept by a wave before being under the harbor pier.

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Because of a strong wind this Thursday, March 30, around 7 pm, the crew of the 7 meters ship struggled to return to the Californian harbor. A dangerous wave finally propelled the sailboat between the wooden columns of the pier.

The four people from the boat were immediately rescued by the local firemen. Los Angeles Times reported that the ship's master suffered from a shoulder dislocation and another person complaining of back pain. On the beach, the rescue took care of two other people who were able to leave on the same evening. Bob Rappaport, division chief of the fire department, testified: "They weren't speaking a tremendous amount, and you could just see in their faces that it had been a significant experience for them."

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