Sensations guaranteed with this new extreme video compilation by riders match. The best of the week in slackline, skate, bmx, fmx, kitesurf, snowboard… a selection of moments as risky as BREATHTAKING!


1 - Foil Surfing: Fly over the water, without waiting for the waves

 Surf without waves? Horue Movie amaze us with this all new video of hydrofoil! Take a bit of speed, pump and fly over a peaceful lake, just impressive…


2 - Nitro World Games: flood of TREMENDOUS tricks!

BMX, FMX, Skate, Scooter… A flood of bangers fell on the gigantic banisters of the Nitro World Games. The well-known of Big Air cause a sensation with their gorgeous tricks.


3 - Cassidy Gale, an attractive and gifted woman on a wakesurf

Marvellous Cassidy Gale, this talented professional of wakesurf make us dream in this short but intense video.


4 – Speed, power and style with the surfer Maui Albee Layer

After making “nervous laughter”, Albee Layer introduce an all new project by showing us an incredible video of his hugest tricks.


5 - Aymeric & Antoine Gossuin: video of incredible experiences with a lot of sensation

Bike, SUP, Slackline, Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Surf, jet ski, longskateAymeric and Antoine Gossuin compile a full year of adventures and travels in an amazing video.


6 - Red Bull cliff diving: the exciting contest of Inis Mor

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017 of Inis Mor (Ireland) keeps all its promises : you can discover some insane jumps made with precision and perfection in this sensational video !


7 - Snowboard: Heath Patterson, Nick Brown, magics moments in Hokkaido

Heath PattersonNick Brown  and their friends make us travel in order to discover the magical landscapes of Hokkaido in Japan. A selection of videos with the best tricks that have been made during their trip.

 8 - Slackline Extreme: Andry Lewis doesn’t fear emptiness below him in Colorado

The reckless Andy Lewis, an atypical man who loves to live at 200%. In this extreme video which was made in Colorado, he faces the fear of a lot of people: emptiness.


9 - Kitesurf : impressive jumps

A best of jump videos in kitesurf, with some incredible tricks made by the best athletes of kitesurf of the world in the contest of the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle World.


 10  - Parkour: A bit of freerunning in Barcelona

You will be impressed by these tourists who are kind of different. Jason Paul and Dominic Di Tommaso join GoPro to create a spectacular video of freerunning: an incredible crossing of the National Palace of Barcelona.

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