Tess Ledeux : World slopestyle ski champion in Sierra Nevada

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At only 15 years old, on march 19, Tess Ledeux won the slopestyle world championships in Sierra Nevada (Spain). The young skier of La Plagne reveals us her journey, her impressions and her goals for the years to come.

Hello Tess (Ledeux), can you introduce yourself and describe your career in slopestyle skiing ? : We would like to know the recipe that makes it possible to become a world champion at 15 years.

My name is Tess, I am 15 years old and I practice freestyle skiing in La Plagne. I climbed on skis for the first time at the age of 2 years old. At the age of 9, I returned to the freestyle sports club of La Plagne and I directly started the competition. I immediately hung up and I knew that I wanted to do this at a high level ! I think there is no special recipe, you just have to enjoy the sport and really know what you want.

What has changed in your life since your victory at the 2017 Freestyle World Championships in Sierra Nevada ?

I think what has changed most is the presence of media. It's a good part of my time now, but it goes with the high level sport so I take it as a game !

What are your goals in freestyle competition in the next three years ?

Next year there will be the Olympics, so my dream would be to win a medal. Then I'd like to win the "Crystal Globe" and why not a gold medal at the Xgames !

Your cousin, Kevin Rolland, is already a legend of freestyle skiing. Is he a model for you ? Does he give you advice for the management of the events and your career ?

Yes obviously he has a dream carer. I'd like to have the same ! He is always behind me and gives me some advice to better understand the competition.

Apart from this great victory at the world championships, what is your best memory in slopestyle skiing ?

I think it was at the Laax Open in Switzerland. It was my first competition abroad. The Snow Park was huge and it was warm and sunny. There were the best female skiers in the world and that made me dream !

To conclude this short interview, who would you like to thank ? Concretely, thanks to who did you get there ?

First of all I think that the key to my success comes from my coaches who have always supported me and have believed in me. I also want to thank the sports club with whom I started, my family and then my ski buddies with whom I improve myself and try new tricks. We're always moving forward !!

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