They defy the police in Parkour on the roofs of Hong Kong and Tokyo

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Again this week, many of you have shared extreme sports videos on the platform Riders Match. Obviously, all the posted videos are impressive, and it’s really tricky for us to make a ranking of the best 10 videos. There are so many endless debates at work, and we decided to vote with a show of hands. Here is the verdict.

In first position, you’ll find Storror and its Parkour team who try to escape from the police on Hong-Kong’s skyscrapers. Secondly, Szymon Godziek makes an exclusive figure that nobody have seen before. And finally, the Tahitian bodyboarder Manea Fabish come in third place through a beautiful video with great tricks on Polynesian reefs.



StorrorBlog - ROOF CULTURE ASIA - Official Theatrical Trailer

The incredible Storror Parkour team take great risks on the rooftops of Asian supercities….but the police doesn’t agree with it. Thrills garanteed !



2/ MTB

Red Bull - The First Ever Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab | Szymon Godziek's Extension Man

Szymon Godziek shows us all the extent of his great job on an outstanding Red Bull Park. He whipped out a phenomenal figure : the Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab ! Just wonderful !



Bodyboard Xtreme - BodyboardTahiti | Manea Fabish Profile


Here is a young and incredible Tahitian bodyboarder, Manea Fabish. You’ll see great tricks and giant waves…Such good conditions for the experts and novices to impress.



Horue Movie - Wake Park Foil Surfing | Hydrofoil - Horue Movie / Wakeboard and Surf foil


Another new video from the two incorrigible brothers from Horue’s Team : Valere and Philippe Caneri. They invited the talented and beautiful female wakeboarder Laura Jaubert to play on a nice games field : the Urban Wake Park. Such a perfect match, let’s see what does it look like in this video.



Dominik Sky - BEST OF DOMINIK SKY - Free running Calisthenics compilation!


Dominik Sky gives us a great « Best Of ». He shares us radical training skills and acrobatic Parkour exploits. Do not imitate at home, that could be a little bit dangerous !



6/ SKI

Line Skis - The 2018 Tom Wallisch Pro -- The Award-Winning Freestyle Ski from Tom and LINE


The famous pro skier, Tom Wallisch, gives us a presentation of Line Skis Tom Wallisch pro model (TW pro). He wants us to understand that only your talent is the limit !




NeilPryde Wind - NeilPryde 2018 Collection


Neil Pryde shows us its 2018 products through a splendid video. The footage is amazing, the light is perfect and their pro-windsurfers - such as Antoine Albeau or Jason Polakow - are awesome. If you’re fan of windsurf, this is a must see video.



slingshot sports - Aaron Gunn at Home - 2017


Slingshot’s pro-rider, Aaron Gunn, feels entirely at home and we feel that ! He is at ease, and he enjoys the situation to make all its figures with style and laid-back attitude. To reach this high level, you need to train yourself…



cOLLAPSe skateboards - cOLLAPSe Bro'Pool Party ! 


One of the most influent French skater, Greg Poissonnier, decided to invite his friends at the 6th anniversary of his brand called cOLLAPSe. The cOLLAPSe Bro’Pool Party took place at the Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz, and it was awesome. In only one swimming pool, there was : Sam Partaix, Danny Leon, Vincent Coupeau, Jarne Verbruggen, Victor Pellegrin, Noah Mahieu, Hugo Westrelin, Pauliana Laffabrier, Gaëtan Ducellier, Julien Benoliel, Sacha Pinon… So many important people !




Cabrinha Kitesurfing - 2018 Product Shoot - THE MOVIE (Cabrinha Kitesurfing 2018)


The most influent pro-kitesurfers from Cabrinha’s team appear in this film that promote the 2018 product shoot of Cabrinha in Hawaï. You most probably know the kitesurf in its traditional version, but here in this footage, let’s discover the many different ways to enjoy the power of a kite. They’re crazy at Cabrinha…and at Riders Match, we’re loving it !

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