Top 10 n°10 - Incredible backflip with a racing bike over the peloton

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On the podium this week : 3 videos very intense ! During the Pologne Tour, a cyclist has decided to do a backflip over the peloton ! In the second place, we have our well-known Devin Supertramp, with an invention just insane ! On the last step, the famous YouTuber Nigel Sylvester leads us to Dubaï equipped with his parachute and his BMX.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ New extraordinary Hall of Meat !

Video : Hall Of Meat: Hakeem Ducksworth by Thrasher

Time passes, but we’re not bored of the mythical “Hall of meat”, one more time, the edition team finds out a magical fall to introduce this Top 10.


9/ Aftermovie of the famous fishing competition, organised by Beneteau  

Video :  Barracuda Tour 2017 by Beneteau - The Full movie

We were waiting for it, here it is! The Barracuda Tour 2017 aftermovie, this international fishing competition, where the passionates join each other to compete, but before anything else to have a good time together.


8/ Go under the sun with Maureen Castelle

Video : What I think I do - Maureen Castelle by Farina Prod

A quite original video of the french woman, Maureen Castelle. This pro rider tells us her life about being a kitesurf! Our crush of the week!


7/ Snow and crazy riders!

Video : Rogue Elements - Official Trailer by Teton Gravity Research

The Rogue Elements teaser announces a high quality movie with pro skiers who impressed us! Fasten your belt, you’re not ready!


6/ An incredible Wedge and tubes in a turquoise water

Video : Hazmania by Zion Wetsuits

Among all the videos this week, it’s the Zion Wetsuits production which amazed us! Extraordinary spots in a clip of a rare quality: Amazing!


5/ Insane Big Air competition organised by Vans  

Video : The Insane BMX High Air Event At Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017 by Ride BMX

At the Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017, a new challenge was created : make the highest jump! Pro riders are doing them one after another, always higher, and always more impressive!


4/ Full speed in Longboard with Red Bull

Video : Longboarding at 85 km/h? | Red Bull No Paws Down 2017 by Red Bull

You’ll say that it’s normal today to drive at 85 km/h..., except when the vehicle is a Longboard! Red Bull is in charge of a memorable moment in the Longboard history!


3/ Jumping from an airplane in BMX

Video : NIGEL SYLVESTER | GO - DUBAI by Nigel Sylvester Live

BMX on the ground? Has been for Nigel Sylvester, who jumps from an airplane with his bike. A very high quality clip by Nigel Sylvester, who had fun in Dubaï and its desert.


2/ New invention : the towed inflatable castle !

Video : Bouncy House Tube Battle! by Devinsupertramp

Devin Supertramp, on the highest point of the Top 10, released, as usual, an amazing video! He sets the beast free! People are tubing and an inflatable castle joins the party! Fell, fun and jumps are meeting in this clip! Enjoy!


1/ An aerial escape during the Pologne Tour!

Video : Taking road cycling to new heights? | Szymon Godziek flips over Tour de Pologne by Red Bull

While some cyclists are competing for the Pologne Tour, Szymon Godziek entertain himself doing backflip with his bike just over their heads! He enjoys the Tour on his own way!

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