Top 10 n°9 - The legend of the windsurf Robby Naish adopts foil !

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On the podium this week, 3 videos more than extreme ! The 2 watermen (Kai Lenny and Robby Naish) enjoy their new toy: foil! Valery Rozov leads us in the air, in Pérou. Finally, discover the Vienne streets in Mountain Bike, using uncommon roads with Fabio Wibmer.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10



10/ Sunset, exotism, and huge tricks with Léa Ademi!

Video : Léa Ademi - Brasil 2017 by Léa Ademi

At only 19 years old, the prodigy of french kitesurf : Lea Ademi, shows us a new video of her brasilian trip ! Sun, kitesurf and orange juice meet in this clip. Who’s gonna take its tickets now to go there ?


9/ An uncommon bungee jump for Aurélien Fontenoy

Video: JE SAUTE À L’ÉLASTIQUE AVEC MON VÉLO ! (Spécial 100K abonnés) by Aurélien Fontenoy

Jump from a 40-meter high wood deck with a bike, would you do it? Aurélien Fontenoy has done it with his friends for a new video to thank his community. We don’t know if it’s ok from the security point of view, but it seems worth it seeing the fun they have!

8/ Nathan Glevarec enjoys his trip in Greece and flies over the water

Video : Island Life - Paros kite 2017

Kitesurf in one more time puts in the spotlights in this Top 10. But this time, we’re going to Greece with Nathan Glevarec. So take your sunglasses, smear yourself with sunscreen and follow this kitesurf angel !


7/ Crazy aerial tricks with the Surf Red Bull team

Video : Surfing in Bali is everything  Sessions - Keramas

A very nice compilation of the best surfers on one of the greatest spot in the world, are you in? It’s the gift that Red Bull offers to us. “Sessions” is 2 minutes of pure pleasure with Mikey Wright, Kai Otton, Taj Burrow, Rio Waida and Sebastian Zietz !


6/ Brandon Semenuk released his last big production which impressed us!

Video : Trek C3 Project Summer Video Series ft. Brandon Semenuk by Trek Bicycle

We’re going to New Zealand to see the best team of Mountain Bike: the Trek C3 Project from Trek Bicycle! So, Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder introduce us their project and the ambition of this team in Rotorua.


5/ Never seen before: a dog on a wakesurf!

Video : Wakesurfing Puppy Dog! 4K!!!

Riders Match introduces you the cutest moment of this Top 10 : A dog and his owner in a perfect harmony on a wakesurf ! You have to show this clip to your girlfriend to convince her to follow you on your next wakesurf session!

By the way,  we want to share with you the link of the music, we love it: Let’s Go Surfing - Joakim Karud (


4/ Kai Lenny won the trial of the big waves in Puerto Escondido!

Video : Kai Lenny's Winning Barrel at the Puerto Escondido Challenge 2017

When you know that you’ve won the competition, you can just have fun of this wave. That’s what happened to Kai Lenny during the last competition of the World Surf League in Puerto Escondido (Mexico). After an incredible run, Kenny plays with the public and falls on purpose just before reaching the beach as a winner !


3/ Full speed MTB in the Vienne streets

Video : Urban Freeride Lives in Vienna - Fabio Wibmer

A visit of Vienne with Fabio Wibwer as guide, you are in? Get Ready it will be intense! Fabio isn’t scared about doing gigantic jumps in the subway!


2/ The biggest Base Jump ever done in South America, by Valery Rozov

Video : Highest BASE Jump in South America  Valery Rozov leaps from Huascarán in Peru by Red Bull

Easy, quick and efficient, but always as impressive ! Here is a good definition of Base Jump. And this new video of Valery Rozov follows this rule, after just 30 seconds, it feels like a breath of fresh air, always welcomed during these warm summer days.


1/ Incredible foil session with the stars Kai Lenny and Robby Naish

Video : Kai Lenny & Robby Naish on the Foil Revolution  In the Zone by Outside TV

Kai Lenny and Robby Naish released a video with an object making a lot of noise currently : foil ! Enjoy this amazing clip, intense, with the best surfers of the world.


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