Top10 N°21 - Would you dare to dive with Ocean Ramsey's sharks ?

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A zapping full of action and adrenaline! In the TOP10 standings this week, freediving with Tiger sharks, the amazing run of Rémy Metailler down sketchy streets of Mexico and a wakeskate trip of the best french riders.

1/FREEDIVING - GoPro - GoPro: Freediving with Tiger Sharks 

2/DOWNHILL - Rémy Métailler - Remy Metailler wins in Down Taxco 2017 - Race run 

3/WAKESKATE - SOORUZ Surfwear - INTRODUCTION Wakeskate video 

4/SNOWBOARD - TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine - Halldor Helgason - Arcadia Full Part 

5/SKI - Real Skifi - Real Skifi Episode 17 


7/SURF - Red Bull - Let the big wave games begin. | Nazaré 2017 

8/SKYDIVE - Caters TV - 217 Skydivers Break World Record 

9/PARKOUR - Tempest Freerunning - CUBA LIBRE - Jesse La Flair Freeruns Cuba 

10/BODYBOARD - Stray Along The Way - One session in Taiwan: Bodyboarding perfect waves 

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