Travis Pastrana made history yet again with this stunt in London

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Extreme stuntman, Travis Pastrana made history yet again on another World First record !

This week on the top ten extreme sports videos, Travis Pastrana from the Nitro Circus team jumping over the Thames, then dozen of the best O’Neill wakeboarders who drop out on well-engaged modules and on the third position Tom Karangelov with his super creative part. Once again, this Best of will surprise you !

1- FMX - Travis Pastranas Barge-to-Barge Backflip on the River Thames - Nitro Circus

2- WAKE - Out Of The Kitchen - Round III 

3- SKATE - Tom Karangelovs Keeping The Flame Part - Thrasher Magazine

4- WINDSURF - Highlights from the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sylt PWA Grand Slam - PWAWORLDTOUR

5- BMX - Dandois, Wibmer and Co show you how to trick.  Straight from the Athletes - Red Bull

6- Body board - Biskit FOUR  Episode 1  The HUB - Bodyboard Xtreme

7- KAYAK - Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship 2017 - World of Freesports

8- KITESURF - A DAY IN THE CARIBBEAN ISLAND LIFE - Island Life Episode 2 - Jeremie Tronet

9- FMX - GoPro Kind of Day - Nate Adams - Go Pro

10- Wakeboard - Justin Outré - 73rd - J.FILMS

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