Ugo Robin : A path to a professional surf career

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Thanks to the EKOSEA website, Ugo Robin hopes to raise sufficient funds to participate in the European WQS which will begin in April. Between studies and competitions, the young reunionese surfer hopes to make a name in pro surfing.

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Hello Ugo, can you introduce yourself and describe your route to the surfing competition ?

Hello Riders Match, my name is Ugo Robin I am 22 years old and I come from the Island of Réunion. I started surfing at the age of 6 on the spot of Roches Noires under a license of Multisport but only surfing interested me. So I enrolled in a surf club : Billabong Surf School with Ludo (Editor's note : Ludovic Villedieu, former spokesperson for the réunionese surf League, played an important role in raising awareness of the dangers of sharks in Réunion). He passed on his passion and made me want to continue surfing and progressing. Then I went to the Radical Surf Club and the Pôle Espoir of Réunion where the best surfers of the island were. So I was able to participate in all the competitions of the Reunion (Cup Espoir-Open, Marmaille Tour, etc ...) and I managed to win in each category. At the national level I participated in the French championships and the French surfing cup. In 2011, I got my first French championship title in Cadet. This victory allowed me to pass a course and gave me the chance to be able to join the French team. I took part two years at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Championships in New Zealand and Peru. Besides that, I participated in Pro Junior European and some French WQS. In 2013 my sponsor ended the contract that united us and I decided to attack my studies. I graduated as a 2 year commercial manager at CNPC (Editor's note : Sports Trade College). I then worked at Superdry as store manager. By surfing as much as possible I could see that I was still in the game and I realized that this spirit of competition was missing me enormously. So I trained to be successful in 2017.

Can you describe your current project on the Ekosea website ? Can you tell us what is the goal of this fund raising ?

My current project will allow me to continue the competition and realize my dream. I would like to participate in all the WQS (World Qualifying Series) competitions this year, which represents a significant budget. The estimate of my budget is the following : Competition : 850 euros. Transport (airplane): 1,140 euros. Accommodation : 500 euros. Transport on the spot : 350 euros. Surfboard: 1,500 euros Coaching : 2,000 euros. For the moment my project has 3 levels, a first to 3 000 euros which will allow me to move, register and lodge at the competition venues, a second to 4,500 euros which will allow me to add the boards and the last level to 6,400 euros to which will be added the coaching.

How do you see your future in surfing? Ugo in 10 years: What will he do ?

First of all, in the very near future (end of 2017) I would like to be in the top 15 European QS and succeed in being part of the global QS. Ugo in ten years ... could be still in the competition to persevere or Coach surfing since I spend my BPJEPS surf at the same time as the training and competitions.

Can you describe your most beautiful session of your life to this day ?

I had magnificent sessions in Réunion, at Saint Leu and at the Hermitage spots but also at Snapper Rocks in Australia. However, the session that most marked me was in the Estagnots (near Hossegor, France) in 2015. It was in the summer, my friend Téo Canestri was with me (but there were also dozens of people around) and there were magnificent tubes off. After all the problems I had at Reunion, this session was pure happiness.

Would you like to take advantage of this article to give special thanks ?

Of course ! I already thank all the people who were kind enough to help me to continue and who were there to encourage me and all those who have already participated in crowfounding. I would also like to thank my family who support me every day as well as all my sponsors: Wildsuits, Superdry, Hurricanes and Gaia-Creators.


Here is the link to support Ugo in his project !


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