This week, It is the last big prod of Red Bull on the first step of the podium! An insane race between 3 magic riders on an epic spot. In second place, we have a condensed version of a surf session in Nazaré, the famous Portuguese spot which offers every winter sensational moments for the riders.

10) The Red Bull team fly in the sky, in Jordan

The bull brand leads us in Jordan with its little bats ! In the program : canyons and cliffs filmed with a quality close from the most handsome reports and the best skydiver of the world. A good appetizer for the following in this Top 10 !


9) Intense Kitefoil session by Patrice Guénolé, at La Baule

Patrice Guénolé, founder and ambassador of Gong Surfboards brings us in the core of one of his many Kitefoil sessions. Today, it’s the precursor of the foil in France who embark in the 9th place of this Top 10


8) Amazing tricks in motorised tricycle

Remember the time when you were thinking to be the king of the world on your tricycle ? Times have changed, tricycles too, you can now drift, do a wheelie and makes the engine hum !


7) Huge windsurf training in Canaria  before the beginning of the PWA

The PWA Wave 2017 begins in 5 days and it’s still the time to train for Danny Bruch ! The El Medano spot, in Tenerife is used as a take-off platform. The world’s 7th in 2016 make us dream with several insane loops !


6) A tremendous “Boat Party” with insane wakesurf tricks

With Chris Rogers, the recipe is always the same, but his edits are each time more mind-blowing. Girls, sound and wakesurf and here we go ! More and more equipped for his videos, this time it’s a night clip. If you’ll do the same with your friends, call us !!


5) A crazy BMX team go on a trip in South Korea, in Seoul

You can add South Korea on your list of dreamed destination right now ! Unfortunately unknow for its skate and BMX spots, they are under-exploited. Alex Kennedy, Kilian Roth and Devon Smilie understood it well, “The Seouled Tour” recounts a week-end between friends, chilling in BMX in Seoul.


4) The most handsome sessions of the year filmed by a drone on the Gold Coast

This video proves one more time that the Gold Coast bears a well chosen name. Some perfect waves accompanied by golden lights, what could be better ? Images of a rare quality, filmed by the drone of the production society Desert Island Media.


3) The very talented skateboarder Nathan Jackson joins the Element team

A new-comer in the big and insane Element family ! The adopted child is the austrian prodigy : Nathan Jackson ! What better than this big rider’s part to begin in this family ?


2) The best riders of the world surf the mythic wave of Nazaré

As a rider, you can’t have missed the Nazaré’s spot ! Actually, all the winters, when the big waves hit our coasts, some warriors face this portuguese monster ! The Red Bull team, always there for the best moments during these magical days feeds us with their awesome clips of the winter


1) Incredible Race between 3 sports : wakeboard, parkour & motorbike

The best of the Red Bull’s protégés joined in one video ! Prepare yourself to be amazed by this beautiful mix of Parkour, FMX and Wakeboard in the same time. Combining 3 extreme sports for a race in the same high quality video, it was never seen before !

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