Top 10 n°8 [Unbelievable] They run on the water with their motorbikes

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On the first step of the podium this week: a tremendous production of Nitro Circus! You were dreaming about that since you are young? It’s done : crazy guys drive motorbikes on the water. In the second place, Ridersmatch has chosen to lead you in the vastness of the canyons with for unique toys: Mountain Bikes! Fresh snow, insane riders, under a beautiful sun: What else?


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A perfect trick in skate, or not...

Video: Hall of Meat: Jon Sciano par Thrasher Magazine

Unfortunately, the most beautiful tricks don’t go well every time, even for the pros! This week, it’s Jon Sciano who begins this Top 10 n°8 with its almost artistic fall.


9/ Thierry Schmitter in Cap Vert for a magnificent kite session

Video: Afternoon Sessions Episode 07 - Thierry Schmitter by Miha CV

Incredible talent of Thierry Schmitter! We can just be amazed by the control and the technic of this kitesurfer in its session in Cap Vert in Africa.


8/ A crazy Enduro race in Romania

Video: Logs, rocks and motorbikes | Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 Prologue Highlights are here by Red Bull

Red Bull released one more time an amazing video this week! This time, it leads us in Romania for a motocross race entirely created! While some are fighting against the obstacles, some others are taking the advantage, but the situation can change at every moment!


7/ Sicily, kite and friends for Antoine Clerc

Video: Head Back Sicily by Antoine Clerc

A little trip in Sicily with friends to do kitesurf? That’s what Antoine Clerc offers to us in its last video: tricks, shots of quality, and the idyllic landscape of Sicily, what could be better?


6/ Incredible jumps during the last Red Bull event

Video: The Best Dives off a Balcony | Red Bull Cliff Diving Italy 2017 - Women Finals by Red Bull

Rhiannan Iffland, Anna Bader and Ginger Huber offer us a marvelous show with some very accurate jumps. The event Red Bull Cliff Diving still meet the expectations!


5/  Tricks that let us speechless

Video: One day by Sesitec

In this superb wake park, some talented riders show us their best tricks! The aerial shots make this Sesitec video even more sublime! We just can’t ignore the work and the quality in this video!


4/ Vissla released a video on the majestic island of Pedro’s Bay

Video: Pedro’s Bay by Vissla

Pedro’s Bay is a short film posted by Vissla which shows us the charm of this tropical island. Only six riders had the opportunity to taste this pure water!


3/ A splendid snowboard video in Fonna

Video: SNOWBOARDING AT FONNA | Stale, Alek and Len by Stale Sandbech

Snowboards shots you’ve never seen before! The team: Stale, Alek and Len have shared a new video full a talent which needs to be seen!


2/ Some jumps always more impressive on a Mountain Bike

Video: Going Out With a Banger | Off the Grid by Nitro Circus

In the magnificent Utah landscape, we are here spectator of an intense MTB session. The chosen shots are from a rare quality, and the riders amaze us with their crazy tricks!


1/ Make a motorbike run on the water: impossible?

Video: The Race Is Over, but the Fun Is Just Getting Started | Shenanigans Week 2 by Nitro Circus

After a good race, there is nothing better than a bath. But Travis Pastrana and his crew can’t drop their motorbikes, they drive at full speed to literally run on the water! An incredible clip with breathtaking slow motions!

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