Video Skateboard - Sami Martin x PxsBeats #Skate

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Really funny skateboarding session in Bourges. Video from the PxsFamily brand

PxsFamily is a brand / community located in central France in Bourges. In development, we are looking for athletes practicing extreme sports.

Pxs means several things: "Passion Of Xtrem Sport", "Positive in Xtrem Situation" to push the riders to be motivated. Video and music was created by Gilles Fernandez, the creator of PxsFamily and PxsBeats.

Sami Martin is a skater who studied communication with Gilles, he is also an artist who makes skate customizations.  

The video was a project of creation between friends, "We wanted to exploit the cool places of our city because the skatepark is dangerous and slippery" to make a video street was also a way to denounce the lack of infrastructures in the region.

Skateboard customisation - Sami Martin - PxsBeats

PxsFamily wanted to make a dynamic video with cool shots and a bit of editing, the music was made according to the editing. The real goal of the project is to bring together as many sportsmen, street performers and musicians as possible to create a real community. The video was posted on youtube channel PxsBeats

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