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Apple takes the pro-skater Kilian Martin, the video is mind-blowing !

The new Top10 by Riders Match / Best of the Week n°15

The Top10 N°15 : Best of the Week

1/ SKATE / Apple Watch Series 3 + Apple Music — Roll — Apple

2/ SKI / Real Skifi Fall

3/ PARKOUR / Jason Paul goes Back in Time

4/ SURF / Jamie O'Brien is back: Who is JOB 7.0 Official Trailer

5/ MTB / 100 Seconds of Ultimate Flow | RAW 100 w/ Brendan Howey

6/ PARKOUR / Crazy front flip roof gap!! (80 meters high)

7/ SURF / Greetings feat. Dylan Graves, Wade Goodall, Dane and Pat Gudauskas | Surf | VANS

8/ SKATE / DGK - Kevin Scott

9/ WINDSURF / Learn to windsurf foil

10/ MOTO / Walker claims the Trophy | Red Bull 111 Megawatt 2017 in 4K



They ski on pebbles

The new Top10 by Riders Match / Best of the Week n°14

The Top10 N°14 : Best of the Week

1/ SKI - Riding Zone


3/ WAKEBOARD - X Games

4/ SKATE - ThrasherMagazine

5/ MTB - Elias Schwärzler

6/ PARAGLIDING - Laurent Roudneff

7/ FOIL SURFING - Horue Movie

8/ BMX - Monster Energy

9/ SNOWBOARD - TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine

10/ CLIMBING - Red Bull


Mountain bike

4 windsurfers on the same board : the first quadem is born!

You have posted a lot of videos this week on and this TOP10 offers you to discover the ones that, for our editorial team, are the most impressive, the best realized, or the most original.


1 / WINDSURF - Quadem windsurfing & DEFI WIND in 4K ► CRAZY! par Horue Movie


2/ WAKEBOARD - Une session de wakeboard inédite sur la seine en plein coeur de Paris par Adrénaline by l'Equipe


3/ MTB - Nicholi Rogatkin goes full send with a 1440 at Red Bull District Ride 2017 par Red Bull


4/ WTF ! - TOY CAR vs MEGA RAMP! par Ryan Williams


5/ SURF - Meet Eli Hanneman, Maui's Next Big Thing par World Surf League


6/ SKI - Tanner Hall “TRIUMPH” Teaser par ARMADA SKIS


7/ FMX - Tom Pages Finist'Air Show 2017 par The Rider Post


8/ SURF - Gerry Lopez Gets First Crack at Kelly Slater's Left par World Surf League


9/ DANCE - RAYMOND | FrontRow | Exhibition | World of Dance Bangkok 2017 | #WODBKK17 par World of Dance


10/ SKATEBOARD - Cyril Jackson Ride or Die - Shake Junt par RIDE Channel



They defy the police in Parkour on the roofs of Hong Kong and Tokyo

Again this week, many of you have shared extreme sports videos on the platform Riders Match. Obviously, all the posted videos are impressive, and it’s really tricky for us to make a ranking of the best 10 videos. There are so many endless debates at work, and we decided to vote with a show of hands. Here is the verdict.

In first position, you’ll find Storror and its Parkour team who try to escape from the police on Hong-Kong’s skyscrapers. Secondly, Szymon Godziek makes an exclusive figure that nobody have seen before. And finally, the Tahitian bodyboarder Manea Fabish come in third place through a beautiful video with great tricks on Polynesian reefs.



StorrorBlog - ROOF CULTURE ASIA - Official Theatrical Trailer

The incredible Storror Parkour team take great risks on the rooftops of Asian supercities….but the police doesn’t agree with it. Thrills garanteed !



2/ MTB

Red Bull - The First Ever Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab | Szymon Godziek's Extension Man

Szymon Godziek shows us all the extent of his great job on an outstanding Red Bull Park. He whipped out a phenomenal figure : the Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab ! Just wonderful !



Bodyboard Xtreme - BodyboardTahiti | Manea Fabish Profile


Here is a young and incredible Tahitian bodyboarder, Manea Fabish. You’ll see great tricks and giant waves…Such good conditions for the experts and novices to impress.



Horue Movie - Wake Park Foil Surfing | Hydrofoil - Horue Movie / Wakeboard and Surf foil


Another new video from the two incorrigible brothers from Horue’s Team : Valere and Philippe Caneri. They invited the talented and beautiful female wakeboarder Laura Jaubert to play on a nice games field : the Urban Wake Park. Such a perfect match, let’s see what does it look like in this video.



Dominik Sky - BEST OF DOMINIK SKY - Free running Calisthenics compilation!


Dominik Sky gives us a great « Best Of ». He shares us radical training skills and acrobatic Parkour exploits. Do not imitate at home, that could be a little bit dangerous !



6/ SKI

Line Skis - The 2018 Tom Wallisch Pro -- The Award-Winning Freestyle Ski from Tom and LINE


The famous pro skier, Tom Wallisch, gives us a presentation of Line Skis Tom Wallisch pro model (TW pro). He wants us to understand that only your talent is the limit !




NeilPryde Wind - NeilPryde 2018 Collection


Neil Pryde shows us its 2018 products through a splendid video. The footage is amazing, the light is perfect and their pro-windsurfers - such as Antoine Albeau or Jason Polakow - are awesome. If you’re fan of windsurf, this is a must see video.



slingshot sports - Aaron Gunn at Home - 2017


Slingshot’s pro-rider, Aaron Gunn, feels entirely at home and we feel that ! He is at ease, and he enjoys the situation to make all its figures with style and laid-back attitude. To reach this high level, you need to train yourself…



cOLLAPSe skateboards - cOLLAPSe Bro'Pool Party ! 


One of the most influent French skater, Greg Poissonnier, decided to invite his friends at the 6th anniversary of his brand called cOLLAPSe. The cOLLAPSe Bro’Pool Party took place at the Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz, and it was awesome. In only one swimming pool, there was : Sam Partaix, Danny Leon, Vincent Coupeau, Jarne Verbruggen, Victor Pellegrin, Noah Mahieu, Hugo Westrelin, Pauliana Laffabrier, Gaëtan Ducellier, Julien Benoliel, Sacha Pinon… So many important people !




Cabrinha Kitesurfing - 2018 Product Shoot - THE MOVIE (Cabrinha Kitesurfing 2018)


The most influent pro-kitesurfers from Cabrinha’s team appear in this film that promote the 2018 product shoot of Cabrinha in Hawaï. You most probably know the kitesurf in its traditional version, but here in this footage, let’s discover the many different ways to enjoy the power of a kite. They’re crazy at Cabrinha…and at Riders Match, we’re loving it !



He jump of his plane during a flight !

In the top of you Top 10 this week, 3 superb videos ! First, Nicole Smith jump of his plane ! You can also see Tyler Bereman who is jumping above big house. For the finish, a couple of surf french star at the Wavegarden

Il saute d'un avion en plein vol.

Nous avons l'honneur de vous présenter dans le top du top de cette semaine 3 superbes vidéos ! En tête de peloton, ça se passe dans les airs avec Nicole Smith qui saute de son avion ! Ensuite on retourne sur terre avec Tyler Bereman qui s'envole au dessus d'une maison en moto. Pour finir, un couple de surfeurs professionnels surfent une vague artificielle magique !

                            ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ON THIS TOP 10

                                      FULL POST ON YAHOO SPORT


1/ POV pictures during a plane jump !


2/ Insane Jump on a big house with his FMX


3/ The french couple of surf star try a artificial wave


4/ He pratice skiing in the streets and on the water


5/ 360° video in tahitian barrel


6/ Surfing in a skatepark


7/ Video recap of the oldest surf european contest


8/ Insane skate video signed by Trasher and Raven Tershy


9/ Highlining session during the solar eclipse


10/ Beautiful wakefoil session in the famous La Baule Bay



Top 10 n°10 - Incredible backflip with a racing bike over the peloton

On the podium this week : 3 videos very intense ! During the Pologne Tour, a cyclist has decided to do a backflip over the peloton ! In the second place, we have our well-known Devin Supertramp, with an invention just insane ! On the last step, the famous YouTuber Nigel Sylvester leads us to Dubaï equipped with his parachute and his BMX.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ New extraordinary Hall of Meat !

Video : Hall Of Meat: Hakeem Ducksworth by Thrasher

Time passes, but we’re not bored of the mythical “Hall of meat”, one more time, the edition team finds out a magical fall to introduce this Top 10.


9/ Aftermovie of the famous fishing competition, organised by Beneteau  

Video :  Barracuda Tour 2017 by Beneteau - The Full movie

We were waiting for it, here it is! The Barracuda Tour 2017 aftermovie, this international fishing competition, where the passionates join each other to compete, but before anything else to have a good time together.


8/ Go under the sun with Maureen Castelle

Video : What I think I do - Maureen Castelle by Farina Prod

A quite original video of the french woman, Maureen Castelle. This pro rider tells us her life about being a kitesurf! Our crush of the week!


7/ Snow and crazy riders!

Video : Rogue Elements - Official Trailer by Teton Gravity Research

The Rogue Elements teaser announces a high quality movie with pro skiers who impressed us! Fasten your belt, you’re not ready!


6/ An incredible Wedge and tubes in a turquoise water

Video : Hazmania by Zion Wetsuits

Among all the videos this week, it’s the Zion Wetsuits production which amazed us! Extraordinary spots in a clip of a rare quality: Amazing!


5/ Insane Big Air competition organised by Vans  

Video : The Insane BMX High Air Event At Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017 by Ride BMX

At the Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017, a new challenge was created : make the highest jump! Pro riders are doing them one after another, always higher, and always more impressive!


4/ Full speed in Longboard with Red Bull

Video : Longboarding at 85 km/h? | Red Bull No Paws Down 2017 by Red Bull

You’ll say that it’s normal today to drive at 85 km/h..., except when the vehicle is a Longboard! Red Bull is in charge of a memorable moment in the Longboard history!


3/ Jumping from an airplane in BMX

Video : NIGEL SYLVESTER | GO - DUBAI by Nigel Sylvester Live

BMX on the ground? Has been for Nigel Sylvester, who jumps from an airplane with his bike. A very high quality clip by Nigel Sylvester, who had fun in Dubaï and its desert.


2/ New invention : the towed inflatable castle !

Video : Bouncy House Tube Battle! by Devinsupertramp

Devin Supertramp, on the highest point of the Top 10, released, as usual, an amazing video! He sets the beast free! People are tubing and an inflatable castle joins the party! Fell, fun and jumps are meeting in this clip! Enjoy!


1/ An aerial escape during the Pologne Tour!

Video : Taking road cycling to new heights? | Szymon Godziek flips over Tour de Pologne by Red Bull

While some cyclists are competing for the Pologne Tour, Szymon Godziek entertain himself doing backflip with his bike just over their heads! He enjoys the Tour on his own way!


Base jump

Top 10 n°9 - The legend of the windsurf Robby Naish adopts foil !

On the podium this week, 3 videos more than extreme ! The 2 watermen (Kai Lenny and Robby Naish) enjoy their new toy: foil! Valery Rozov leads us in the air, in Pérou. Finally, discover the Vienne streets in Mountain Bike, using uncommon roads with Fabio Wibmer.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10



10/ Sunset, exotism, and huge tricks with Léa Ademi!

Video : Léa Ademi - Brasil 2017 by Léa Ademi

At only 19 years old, the prodigy of french kitesurf : Lea Ademi, shows us a new video of her brasilian trip ! Sun, kitesurf and orange juice meet in this clip. Who’s gonna take its tickets now to go there ?


9/ An uncommon bungee jump for Aurélien Fontenoy

Video: JE SAUTE À L’ÉLASTIQUE AVEC MON VÉLO ! (Spécial 100K abonnés) by Aurélien Fontenoy

Jump from a 40-meter high wood deck with a bike, would you do it? Aurélien Fontenoy has done it with his friends for a new video to thank his community. We don’t know if it’s ok from the security point of view, but it seems worth it seeing the fun they have!

8/ Nathan Glevarec enjoys his trip in Greece and flies over the water

Video : Island Life - Paros kite 2017

Kitesurf in one more time puts in the spotlights in this Top 10. But this time, we’re going to Greece with Nathan Glevarec. So take your sunglasses, smear yourself with sunscreen and follow this kitesurf angel !


7/ Crazy aerial tricks with the Surf Red Bull team

Video : Surfing in Bali is everything  Sessions - Keramas

A very nice compilation of the best surfers on one of the greatest spot in the world, are you in? It’s the gift that Red Bull offers to us. “Sessions” is 2 minutes of pure pleasure with Mikey Wright, Kai Otton, Taj Burrow, Rio Waida and Sebastian Zietz !


6/ Brandon Semenuk released his last big production which impressed us!

Video : Trek C3 Project Summer Video Series ft. Brandon Semenuk by Trek Bicycle

We’re going to New Zealand to see the best team of Mountain Bike: the Trek C3 Project from Trek Bicycle! So, Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder introduce us their project and the ambition of this team in Rotorua.


5/ Never seen before: a dog on a wakesurf!

Video : Wakesurfing Puppy Dog! 4K!!!

Riders Match introduces you the cutest moment of this Top 10 : A dog and his owner in a perfect harmony on a wakesurf ! You have to show this clip to your girlfriend to convince her to follow you on your next wakesurf session!

By the way,  we want to share with you the link of the music, we love it: Let’s Go Surfing - Joakim Karud (


4/ Kai Lenny won the trial of the big waves in Puerto Escondido!

Video : Kai Lenny's Winning Barrel at the Puerto Escondido Challenge 2017

When you know that you’ve won the competition, you can just have fun of this wave. That’s what happened to Kai Lenny during the last competition of the World Surf League in Puerto Escondido (Mexico). After an incredible run, Kenny plays with the public and falls on purpose just before reaching the beach as a winner !


3/ Full speed MTB in the Vienne streets

Video : Urban Freeride Lives in Vienna - Fabio Wibmer

A visit of Vienne with Fabio Wibwer as guide, you are in? Get Ready it will be intense! Fabio isn’t scared about doing gigantic jumps in the subway!


2/ The biggest Base Jump ever done in South America, by Valery Rozov

Video : Highest BASE Jump in South America  Valery Rozov leaps from Huascarán in Peru by Red Bull

Easy, quick and efficient, but always as impressive ! Here is a good definition of Base Jump. And this new video of Valery Rozov follows this rule, after just 30 seconds, it feels like a breath of fresh air, always welcomed during these warm summer days.


1/ Incredible foil session with the stars Kai Lenny and Robby Naish

Video : Kai Lenny & Robby Naish on the Foil Revolution  In the Zone by Outside TV

Kai Lenny and Robby Naish released a video with an object making a lot of noise currently : foil ! Enjoy this amazing clip, intense, with the best surfers of the world.




Barracuda Tour 2017 - An international fishing competition by Beneteau

The Barracuda Tour is back for its 2017 edition! A great success once again this year, the fishers came from the four corners of the earth to face each other, but before anything else: to meet around a passion!

It was in 2013 that the brand Bénéteau launched the first edition of this international fishing event. The principle? Gather all the fans in a competition in order to determine the winner of the Barracuda Tour 2017! After the selection process by the “Challenge Amateur” and the “Selectives”, the winners meet each other for “La Grande Finale” at the Morbihan Gulf.

            The watchword of this event? No it’s not “competition” but “ambiance”! More than winning, the participants are here to share a passion, fish and have a great time. As Yannick Hemet, the sales director of Bénéteau, says: “The spirit of Barracuda Tour: first the good mood, and only then the competition”. And this way of thinking is completely shared by the participants who describe the challenges as a “convivial” moment, and their smiles show it!

            This event became a reference in the world of sea fishing, the whole challenge is based on 2 major principles. First the “No Kill”, it means that all the fish are released during the competition. But also, the principle of equality is applied, all the participants have the same equipment in their boats. By the way, the competition is done only with Bénéteau’s boat, for this reason, the brand provides boats during the event. It allows fishers to discover the boats of the brand and to talk about them with experts.


Mountain bike

Top 10 n°8 [Unbelievable] They run on the water with their motorbikes

On the first step of the podium this week: a tremendous production of Nitro Circus! You were dreaming about that since you are young? It’s done : crazy guys drive motorbikes on the water. In the second place, Ridersmatch has chosen to lead you in the vastness of the canyons with for unique toys: Mountain Bikes! Fresh snow, insane riders, under a beautiful sun: What else?


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A perfect trick in skate, or not...

Video: Hall of Meat: Jon Sciano par Thrasher Magazine

Unfortunately, the most beautiful tricks don’t go well every time, even for the pros! This week, it’s Jon Sciano who begins this Top 10 n°8 with its almost artistic fall.


9/ Thierry Schmitter in Cap Vert for a magnificent kite session

Video: Afternoon Sessions Episode 07 - Thierry Schmitter by Miha CV

Incredible talent of Thierry Schmitter! We can just be amazed by the control and the technic of this kitesurfer in its session in Cap Vert in Africa.


8/ A crazy Enduro race in Romania

Video: Logs, rocks and motorbikes | Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 Prologue Highlights are here by Red Bull

Red Bull released one more time an amazing video this week! This time, it leads us in Romania for a motocross race entirely created! While some are fighting against the obstacles, some others are taking the advantage, but the situation can change at every moment!


7/ Sicily, kite and friends for Antoine Clerc

Video: Head Back Sicily by Antoine Clerc

A little trip in Sicily with friends to do kitesurf? That’s what Antoine Clerc offers to us in its last video: tricks, shots of quality, and the idyllic landscape of Sicily, what could be better?


6/ Incredible jumps during the last Red Bull event

Video: The Best Dives off a Balcony | Red Bull Cliff Diving Italy 2017 - Women Finals by Red Bull

Rhiannan Iffland, Anna Bader and Ginger Huber offer us a marvelous show with some very accurate jumps. The event Red Bull Cliff Diving still meet the expectations!


5/  Tricks that let us speechless

Video: One day by Sesitec

In this superb wake park, some talented riders show us their best tricks! The aerial shots make this Sesitec video even more sublime! We just can’t ignore the work and the quality in this video!


4/ Vissla released a video on the majestic island of Pedro’s Bay

Video: Pedro’s Bay by Vissla

Pedro’s Bay is a short film posted by Vissla which shows us the charm of this tropical island. Only six riders had the opportunity to taste this pure water!


3/ A splendid snowboard video in Fonna

Video: SNOWBOARDING AT FONNA | Stale, Alek and Len by Stale Sandbech

Snowboards shots you’ve never seen before! The team: Stale, Alek and Len have shared a new video full a talent which needs to be seen!


2/ Some jumps always more impressive on a Mountain Bike

Video: Going Out With a Banger | Off the Grid by Nitro Circus

In the magnificent Utah landscape, we are here spectator of an intense MTB session. The chosen shots are from a rare quality, and the riders amaze us with their crazy tricks!


1/ Make a motorbike run on the water: impossible?

Video: The Race Is Over, but the Fun Is Just Getting Started | Shenanigans Week 2 by Nitro Circus

After a good race, there is nothing better than a bath. But Travis Pastrana and his crew can’t drop their motorbikes, they drive at full speed to literally run on the water! An incredible clip with breathtaking slow motions!



A revolutionary dock launches the surf in the 4th dimension

Headlining this week, a new concept launched by Volcom : a pontoon for the waves from which we can jump to surf ! On the second step of the podium an extraordinary video with Parkour, BMX and water jump… on a moving train !! Then it’s the turn of the two guys from Soul Flyers, training in their new sport “the coconut skydiving”!


                                All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A splendid production for a high-quality surf clip

Video : 1M30S by Baptiste Haugomat


The recipe of a gorgeous surf clip ? A french well-known video maker : Baptiste Haugomat, an amazing surfer from Reunion Island, and the French waves handle the rest! Aquatic and aerial views that feed our pupils, just a bit of pleasure in the beginning of the Top 10!


9/ THE Freebord meeting of the year !

Video : Lausanne Slopestyle | Official video 2017 by Lausanne Slopestyle


The famous Lausanne Slopestyle come back for its sixth edition. Same town, same ambiance and some organizers at the top like always, to sum up : a lot of fun! The aftermovie makes us live the best moments by plunging us in the atmosphere of this extraordinary event.


8/ An insane BMX race under the setting sun

Video : BMX Team CBD - Messigny Ventoux by Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy” sent us its last production and we loved it! Different from a lot of other extreme sports videos, we fell in love with this handsome BMX video!


7/ Awesome skate tournament in a very cool bowl

Video : Pedro Barros Dominates at Hasting's Skatepark | Vans Park Series 2017 by Red Bull


All the factors were gathered so that this 2017 edition of the Vans Park series goes well. We let you enjoy the best tricks of the best riders! With this amazing casting : Ivan Federico, CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Adam Hopkins, Patrick Ryan, …


6/ Intense motocross training before the X Games

Video : Dirt Shark - 2017 FMX X Games Training by Monster Energy


One of the most extreme sport, on a dreaming circuit and with the best drivers in the world. Monster Energy had made this video of the training before the X Games!


5/ The best slackliners of the world face each other under a driving rain

Video : BEST TRICKLINE SLACKLINERS 2017 - World Slackline Masters final battle by Danny Strasser

Danny Strasser, THE best Slackline film maker, shared with us a breathtaking recap of the last Slackline championship. Gorgeous tricks, fails and fun ! We couldn’t be there, but Danny leads us with him in its video.


4/ A 13 years old girl won the X Games

Video : Brighton Zeuner wins Women's Skateboard Park gold | X Games Minneapolis 2017 by X Games


12 years old and she is a better skater than you, she won the last edition of the X Games in Minneapolis! Brighton impresses us with its very technical and no fault run. She deserves a huge applause, what level would she have in 2-3 years?


3/ Play with a coconut when skydiving at 200 km/h

Video : Craziest holiday: Skydiving with a Coconut in Guadeloupe | Soul Flyers by Red Bull


A simple coconut can make 2 guys happy? Of course! 2 skydivers from Soul Flyers jump in the emptiness with just a coconut and it’s done! To sum up : again a wonderful Red Bull production made in Guadeloupe with 2 delirious guys.

2/ Parkour, BMX and Water jump on the roof of a train

Video : STUNTS ON A TRAIN! by People are Awesome


Except in the movies, ride on a train is a performance never seen before! Parkour, BMX, but also Water jump in this very amazing session!


1/ Surf without rowing ? It’s now possible !

Video : The Dock by STAB


Why didn’t we think about that before? Volcom did it : built a team of crazy riders, put a dock on the spot, and set the beats free! Criticized by some, loved by others, this installation is setting the fire in the surf world!