A revolutionary dock launches the surf in the 4th dimension

Headlining this week, a new concept launched by Volcom : a pontoon for the waves from which we can jump to surf ! On the second step of the podium an extraordinary video with Parkour, BMX and water jump… on a moving train !! Then it’s the turn of the two guys from Soul Flyers, training in their new sport “the coconut skydiving”!


                                All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A splendid production for a high-quality surf clip

Video : 1M30S by Baptiste Haugomat


The recipe of a gorgeous surf clip ? A french well-known video maker : Baptiste Haugomat, an amazing surfer from Reunion Island, and the French waves handle the rest! Aquatic and aerial views that feed our pupils, just a bit of pleasure in the beginning of the Top 10!


9/ THE Freebord meeting of the year !

Video : Lausanne Slopestyle | Official video 2017 by Lausanne Slopestyle


The famous Lausanne Slopestyle come back for its sixth edition. Same town, same ambiance and some organizers at the top like always, to sum up : a lot of fun! The aftermovie makes us live the best moments by plunging us in the atmosphere of this extraordinary event.


8/ An insane BMX race under the setting sun

Video : BMX Team CBD - Messigny Ventoux by Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy” sent us its last production and we loved it! Different from a lot of other extreme sports videos, we fell in love with this handsome BMX video!


7/ Awesome skate tournament in a very cool bowl

Video : Pedro Barros Dominates at Hasting's Skatepark | Vans Park Series 2017 by Red Bull


All the factors were gathered so that this 2017 edition of the Vans Park series goes well. We let you enjoy the best tricks of the best riders! With this amazing casting : Ivan Federico, CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Adam Hopkins, Patrick Ryan, …


6/ Intense motocross training before the X Games

Video : Dirt Shark - 2017 FMX X Games Training by Monster Energy


One of the most extreme sport, on a dreaming circuit and with the best drivers in the world. Monster Energy had made this video of the training before the X Games!


5/ The best slackliners of the world face each other under a driving rain

Video : BEST TRICKLINE SLACKLINERS 2017 - World Slackline Masters final battle by Danny Strasser

Danny Strasser, THE best Slackline film maker, shared with us a breathtaking recap of the last Slackline championship. Gorgeous tricks, fails and fun ! We couldn’t be there, but Danny leads us with him in its video.


4/ A 13 years old girl won the X Games

Video : Brighton Zeuner wins Women's Skateboard Park gold | X Games Minneapolis 2017 by X Games


12 years old and she is a better skater than you, she won the last edition of the X Games in Minneapolis! Brighton impresses us with its very technical and no fault run. She deserves a huge applause, what level would she have in 2-3 years?


3/ Play with a coconut when skydiving at 200 km/h

Video : Craziest holiday: Skydiving with a Coconut in Guadeloupe | Soul Flyers by Red Bull


A simple coconut can make 2 guys happy? Of course! 2 skydivers from Soul Flyers jump in the emptiness with just a coconut and it’s done! To sum up : again a wonderful Red Bull production made in Guadeloupe with 2 delirious guys.

2/ Parkour, BMX and Water jump on the roof of a train

Video : STUNTS ON A TRAIN! by People are Awesome


Except in the movies, ride on a train is a performance never seen before! Parkour, BMX, but also Water jump in this very amazing session!


1/ Surf without rowing ? It’s now possible !

Video : The Dock by STAB


Why didn’t we think about that before? Volcom did it : built a team of crazy riders, put a dock on the spot, and set the beats free! Criticized by some, loved by others, this installation is setting the fire in the surf world!



Lausanne Slopestyle 2017 - Lausanne, Switzerland

The 6th edition of the Lausanne Slopestyle was a great success! This year again, the downhill community came from all around the world to ride the exclusive summer snowpark built by the Lausanne freeboard crew, LAU’ Riders.  


Over the years, the Lausanne Slopestyle has become the reference event for the freeboard community and for many other downhill riders. The big family reunion took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, Olympic capital but also urban downhill Mecca.


The principle of the event: transform a 700m closed road into a downhill skatepark featuring similar modules as in winter snowparks (rails, kickers, hip…). With over 20 features on the track, the event reached a new dimension this year and riders came from all around the world to push the downhill freestyle limits.

“It’s the place to show everything you can do” mentioned Jonathan Deloumeaux from Freebord Caribbean.


Primarily designed by freeboarders for freeboarders, the event is open to any rider of any downhill discipline. For this 6th edition, around 80% of the riders were part of the freeboard community.

“If you are a freeboard rider, you should come here at least once!” mentioned Yuhei Fuda who made it all the way from Japan to get a piece of the ultimate downhill freestyle experience.


Thanks to the support of local authorities and Freebord MFG – the American leading brand in the freeboard industry – the event was a great success. Event organization was performed by the LAU’ Riders, Lausanne’s official freeboard crew and supported by historical partners and Anticonf. We’d like to thanks all of them. They made it possible once again!




Extreme skiing with the best riders in the world - Top 10 n°6

Again, an insane Top 10 with incredible videos of parkour, kitefoil, Supsquatch, bodyboard, freestyle ski, surf, skate, and on the 3rd step of the podium : alluring motocross, in the 2nd position : surf barrels in one of the most famous spot in the world, and at the top this week : a ski teaser deserving of the biggest Hollywood production.


                           All you have to know about this Top 10


10/ A bloodcurdling Parkour session on Tokyo’s rooftops

Vidéo : GoPro Freerunning Tokyo Rooftops with Jason Paul par GOPRO


Jason Paul enjoys itself, jumping between the buildings, forgetting the word “risk”. This fan of extreme sensations sets the bar high and totally deserves its place in this Top 10 n°6 !


9/ Stéphane Goffinet in its last kitefoil session

Video : When the Wild Wind Blows by KETOS FOIL


Discover Stéphane Goffinet in a strapless kitefoil session in the waves. He is progressing with a disconcerting ease and surfs on the beachcomber in a complete levitation !

8/ A huge dose of fun with the Giant Sup in Hawaii on the Makaha spot

Video : SUPsquatch at Makaha  What SUP by OUTSIDE TV


You want to ally surf and fun ? So choose the Sup Squatch and launch an attack on the beachcomber with everyone on the same board : sensations guaranteed !


7/ Amaury Lavernhe, the french star of Bodyboard do well at The Arica Chilean Challenge 2016

Video : Amaury Lavernhe in Arica, Chile 2016 by AMAURY LAVERNHE


In this video, Amaury Lavernhe takes very impressive Chilean barrels ! This french Bodyboard champion gives everything in The Arica Chilean Challenge 2016, regular customer of the podiums, he doesn’t give up !


6/ Gorgeous tricks with a van? It’s now possible !

Video : Jibbing the LINE Traveling Circus Van! by LINE SKIS   


The freestyle skiers from Line Skis land at the mountain with their very original “Traveling Circus Van” ! On this improvised ramp, they offer us an arsenal of figures all more impressive from another, in the pure jib tradition !


5/ Leo Etienne never stops surprising us



We rediscover the young Leo in Butterfly Island in the last Protest video. This young rider takes some spectacular barrels and its new school tricks let us speechless.


4/ The skater teams eS and DGK let themselves go for the pleasure of our eyes

Video : DGK x eS Skateboarding by DGK


An intense skate session with Jahmir Brown, Demarquis McDaniels, Wade Desarmo, Juan Moreno. These skaters amaze us with their tricks always more insane, and the director Brad Rosaro makes this talent even more sublime !


3/ Rabbitriderzz shows us its last motocross video



The Rabbitriderzz team sends us a tremendous dose of emotion and adrenaline with this clip. The young riders, looking for sensations, show us their best tricks, slow motions are amazing : a real marvel !


2/ A huge surf session with dreaming tricks

Video : Cloudbreak Turned On Waves Go Bonkers in Fiji  Sessions w Fioravanti and Fanning by RED BULL


Red Bull feeds us again this week with this  high-quality clip directed by Jacob Vanderworf in the Fidji Islands. This time they have called the excellent riders Leonardo Fioravanti and Mick Fanning. The last one also offers us an unbelievable barrel of which he had the secret at 1:46. He wasn’t named as a world champion for nothing !


1/ Drop everything : the long-awaited teaser of the Matchstick production

Video : DROP EVERYTHING Official Trailer 4k by MSPFILMS


Matchstick, the famous production company shows us its very last teaser “Drop Everything”. A video with the best free-skiers like Mark Abma, Markus Eder, or Eric Hjorleifson, release of the movie coming soon !



Ultimate battle : Parkour VS Wakeboard VS FMX

This week, It is the last big prod of Red Bull on the first step of the podium! An insane race between 3 magic riders on an epic spot. In second place, we have a condensed version of a surf session in Nazaré, the famous Portuguese spot which offers every winter sensational moments for the riders.

10) The Red Bull team fly in the sky, in Jordan

The bull brand leads us in Jordan with its little bats ! In the program : canyons and cliffs filmed with a quality close from the most handsome reports and the best skydiver of the world. A good appetizer for the following in this Top 10 !


9) Intense Kitefoil session by Patrice Guénolé, at La Baule

Patrice Guénolé, founder and ambassador of Gong Surfboards brings us in the core of one of his many Kitefoil sessions. Today, it’s the precursor of the foil in France who embark in the 9th place of this Top 10


8) Amazing tricks in motorised tricycle

Remember the time when you were thinking to be the king of the world on your tricycle ? Times have changed, tricycles too, you can now drift, do a wheelie and makes the engine hum !


7) Huge windsurf training in Canaria  before the beginning of the PWA

The PWA Wave 2017 begins in 5 days and it’s still the time to train for Danny Bruch ! The El Medano spot, in Tenerife is used as a take-off platform. The world’s 7th in 2016 make us dream with several insane loops !


6) A tremendous “Boat Party” with insane wakesurf tricks

With Chris Rogers, the recipe is always the same, but his edits are each time more mind-blowing. Girls, sound and wakesurf and here we go ! More and more equipped for his videos, this time it’s a night clip. If you’ll do the same with your friends, call us !!


5) A crazy BMX team go on a trip in South Korea, in Seoul

You can add South Korea on your list of dreamed destination right now ! Unfortunately unknow for its skate and BMX spots, they are under-exploited. Alex Kennedy, Kilian Roth and Devon Smilie understood it well, “The Seouled Tour” recounts a week-end between friends, chilling in BMX in Seoul.


4) The most handsome sessions of the year filmed by a drone on the Gold Coast

This video proves one more time that the Gold Coast bears a well chosen name. Some perfect waves accompanied by golden lights, what could be better ? Images of a rare quality, filmed by the drone of the production society Desert Island Media.


3) The very talented skateboarder Nathan Jackson joins the Element team

A new-comer in the big and insane Element family ! The adopted child is the austrian prodigy : Nathan Jackson ! What better than this big rider’s part to begin in this family ?


2) The best riders of the world surf the mythic wave of Nazaré

As a rider, you can’t have missed the Nazaré’s spot ! Actually, all the winters, when the big waves hit our coasts, some warriors face this portuguese monster ! The Red Bull team, always there for the best moments during these magical days feeds us with their awesome clips of the winter


1) Incredible Race between 3 sports : wakeboard, parkour & motorbike

The best of the Red Bull’s protégés joined in one video ! Prepare yourself to be amazed by this beautiful mix of Parkour, FMX and Wakeboard in the same time. Combining 3 extreme sports for a race in the same high quality video, it was never seen before !



SURF without waves with a foil - Top 10 N°4

Sensations guaranteed with this new extreme video compilation by riders match. The best of the week in slackline, skate, bmx, fmx, kitesurf, snowboard… a selection of moments as risky as BREATHTAKING!


1 - Foil Surfing: Fly over the water, without waiting for the waves

 Surf without waves? Horue Movie amaze us with this all new video of hydrofoil! Take a bit of speed, pump and fly over a peaceful lake, just impressive…


2 - Nitro World Games: flood of TREMENDOUS tricks!

BMX, FMX, Skate, Scooter… A flood of bangers fell on the gigantic banisters of the Nitro World Games. The well-known of Big Air cause a sensation with their gorgeous tricks.


3 - Cassidy Gale, an attractive and gifted woman on a wakesurf

Marvellous Cassidy Gale, this talented professional of wakesurf make us dream in this short but intense video.


4 – Speed, power and style with the surfer Maui Albee Layer

After making “nervous laughter”, Albee Layer introduce an all new project by showing us an incredible video of his hugest tricks.


5 - Aymeric & Antoine Gossuin: video of incredible experiences with a lot of sensation

Bike, SUP, Slackline, Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Surf, jet ski, longskateAymeric and Antoine Gossuin compile a full year of adventures and travels in an amazing video.


6 - Red Bull cliff diving: the exciting contest of Inis Mor

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017 of Inis Mor (Ireland) keeps all its promises : you can discover some insane jumps made with precision and perfection in this sensational video !


7 - Snowboard: Heath Patterson, Nick Brown, magics moments in Hokkaido

Heath PattersonNick Brown  and their friends make us travel in order to discover the magical landscapes of Hokkaido in Japan. A selection of videos with the best tricks that have been made during their trip.

 8 - Slackline Extreme: Andry Lewis doesn’t fear emptiness below him in Colorado

The reckless Andy Lewis, an atypical man who loves to live at 200%. In this extreme video which was made in Colorado, he faces the fear of a lot of people: emptiness.


9 - Kitesurf : impressive jumps

A best of jump videos in kitesurf, with some incredible tricks made by the best athletes of kitesurf of the world in the contest of the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle World.


 10  - Parkour: A bit of freerunning in Barcelona

You will be impressed by these tourists who are kind of different. Jason Paul and Dominic Di Tommaso join GoPro to create a spectacular video of freerunning: an incredible crossing of the National Palace of Barcelona.



6th edition of Lausanne Slopestyle on the 1st and 2nd of July

Six years after the first Lausanne Slopestyle, we once again have taken the opportunity to organize another (the 6th) edition with pleasure. More than 300 participants from all around the world are expected to ride this summer snowpark, unique in its kind. The event will take place on the 1st nd and 2nd rd of July in Lausanne, Switzerland, Olympic capital but also urban downhill Mecca.

The Lausanne Slopestyle has become a key event for freeboarders, longboarders and other downhill and freestyle adepts. The principle of the event: transform a 700m closed road into a downhill skatepark featuring similar modules as in winter snowparks. It will again be held by the LAU'Riders, official association of freeboarders in Lausanne.

Different this 6th edition is that we now have opened up the participation for complete crews. Crews of freeboarders and longboarders have been pushing their sport since the original. It’s the base of motivation, inspiration and the way to keep the sport alive.

The city of Lausanne and several local and international brands are supporting the project. The collaboration established with local partners Anticonf, and La Fièvre skatepark is maintained and joined by the American brand Freebord Mfg., at the origin of the freeboard move.

Over 300 participants are expected from all around the world including Jordi Puig Ribas, considered the best freeboarder worldwide and Pierre Linckenheld, locally known as #CaféPierro, the waiter on the wheels and world's fastest barista.

This community is created by riders, shared by riders and built for riders. And it comes all together during the 6th edition of the Lausanne Slopestyle in Switzerland.



Beneteau is back with the 2017 Barracuda Tour edition

Created and organized by Beneteau in 2013, the Barracuda Tour is today the leading competition in No Kill sea fishing.

                                                           Watch the video on Riders Match


The event gathers passionate fishermen on Barracuda, emblematic boats from the sport fishers range of Beneteau : each team has at their disposal the same equipment. This is an opportunity for the fishermen to discover the new Beneteau boats and to exchange with the creators. 

During the 3 day competition, the four-person crews will have to fish the biggest basses while respecting the quota of five fishes per round. The measurements of the fish are converted into points to then determine the ranking. 40 crews are meeting during the Grand Final to pick the very best one !

This year, the Barracuda Tour Grand Finale will take place at the Crouesty port in the Golf of Morbihan from the 17th the 20th of may. The Selectives and Amateur Challenge winners as well as Barracuda owners will compete this week-end to crown the 2017 edition winner. 


Photo copyright : Beneteau



Foiling Bay 2017: the first French event 100 % foil in La Baule

After a very successful first edition, the Foiling Bay returns in 2017 in bay of La Baule; from 18 to 21 May, for four intense days dedicated to the flying nautical machines.


The three top nauticals clubs of the bay of La Baule, the Nautical Circle of La Baule Le Pouliguen Pornichet (CNBPP), the Yacht Club of Baule (YCLB) and the APCC, got together to organize one of the biggest French event totally  dedicated to foils. The focus is on the international because there will be a hundred of professionals riders from 9 different countries.

Concerning the race , the Foiling Bay propose this year 5 flying disciplines and a world first : the Stand Up Paddle foil. This new support, popularized by Hawaiian Kai Lenny, impresses with its style and its speed wich can reach 30 km/h. There will be a high-level with four stages of national and international professional circuits. We can follow Warm-up of the European circuit of famous Flying Phantom, the final of Brittany Moths Series, and the Neilpryde Series. The public can attend the first official race of the convertible SRX, a futuristic windsurfing board which will become probably Olympic to the JO 2024. The iconic trophy of "King of the Bay" will be awarded Sunday and reward the fastest athletes on a race with direct elimination, for all supports.

Some of the biggest names of sailing and windsurfing will be in attendance, such as Sébastien Rogues, skipper of the team Engie who looks forward to confronting with the elite of this second edition. The quadruple world champion and double olympic champion of windsurfing Julien Bontemps is very excited: "I am very pleased that this event takes place in my area, in bay of La Baule, it will be a great show, it is a certainty" .
Coriolis honoured to be the principal partner of the second edition of this beautiful event. The company of telecommunication proves its loyalty having been the sponsor of the renowned "Derby Kite and Paddle" of the Yacht Club of La Baule.

Finally for the greatest pleasure of the spectators, a lot of animations will be proposed on the village next to the beach, in front of the Yacht Club of La Baule. Conviviality and value of sharing is coming to the show, and thrill lovers can follow the competition on the shore.

This unique and spectacular occasion is THE meeting extreme sports of May in bay of La Baule. Riders Match is very proud to be one of the media partners.

An event to be missed under no pretext !



Copyright picture : Benoit Roux


Mountain bike


Two cyclists probably narrowly escaped death. As they wandered with their mountain bikes in a natural park in Slovakia, a bear out of nowhere starts pursuing one of them.

Dusan Vinzik was able to capture the incredible scene with a simple on-board camera during a mountain bike session, in a park, in the Malino Brdo region of Slovakia. The two cyclists start a descent in the forest, when Dusan suddenly sees a bear thrown in pursuit of his friend and tries to alert him. After a few seconds of racing, the bear finally decides to stop in his tracks and go back into the forest without paying attention to the second cyclist. An unexpected encounter that fortunately leaves only a few traces in the memory of the two sportsmen ...



Chuck Patterson achieves skiing, the slopes of Jaws, one of the most dangerous waves in the world !

The big surf sessions in Jaws we know, but to ride this spot on skis it's unexpected and really spectacular ! Chuck Patterson is once again demonstrating his talents on a pair of ski in waves. This time around, Chuck took care to fix two Go Pro cameras : one on his torso with a harness and the other on his right ski. He had also added to his tackle a pair of ski boots and sticks to refine his style!