Stage SIV, Ozone Mantra M4, à Ager Espagne.

My internship SIV in Puebla in Spain with the Mantra 4, driver Adrien B. Monitor: Marc Boyer. Site: Lake of Puebla. Location: Ager, Spain. Front accelerated, full speed asymmetric collapse, accelerated Tendrils, negative stall, full-stalls, Wings-Overs.

7:13 5 708


Paragliding over Mont Blanc as a background. Parapente sur fond de Mont Blanc.

Paragliding over Mont Blanc as a background. Take-off from the Aiguille Plan, landing at the Savoy. Flight to the majestic setting of the Mont Blanc. Driver Adrien B, sailing Mantra M6. Vol en parapente sur fond de Mont Blanc. Décollage du Plan de l’Aiguille, atterrissage au Savoy. Vol devant le cadre majestueux du massif du Mont Blanc. Pilote : Adrien B, voile Mantra M6.

4:35 5 2,073


D-Bag Speed-Flying à Chamonix (largage)

D-Bag Speed-Flying à Chamonix, France. (largage). With Adrien Arnaud Bourdelle who dropped Longobardi, sailing Pil-Pit 3 of 9m ² Each equipped with camera. Marc is second sail Bourdelle (solo) and external camera.

3:58 5 279


Speed flying Tour by very changeable conditions. Speed flying au Tour par conditions très changeantes

Speed flying Tour by very changeable conditions, Adrien and Rémi Bourdelle. Sky relatively clear, then covered with a fourth run in fog and snow! Little discussion on the weather conditions of the day, followed by a short "Bonus" with lighting dream! Chamonix, France.

8:17 5 336


Speed Riding d'été aux Grands Montets la Face en 2 runs, le 30 juin 2013

Speed riding June 30, 2013, one day after the reopening of the station of the Grands Montets in Chamonix. Sailing: ITV Pit-pit 9.5 m 3. Driver Adrien Bourdelle. 2 Runs in the "Face" with Beep. The landing is at the end of the runway Bochard on the grass. Still a lot of snow for the season ! First run recognition. Second run, closer and faster, more snow contacts. First landing in the grass with skis, smooth =)

8:00 5 389


Grands Montets, Mer de glace, en parapente biplace

My first paragliding flight with Adrien Bourdelle as pilot, Grands Montets. Under ideal conditions, magical and beautiful.

6:48 5 352


Parapente d'automne à Chamonix (Autumn paragliding in Chamonix)

Autumn paragliding in Chamonix. Drivers: Adrien, Remi and Mark, the "Team Bourdelle". Sector Brevent Chamonix France, Interview with spontaneous small.

16:58 5 542


Best of hiver, Team Bourdelle. Speed Riding, Vol à ski; Parapente, Soaring, Speed Kiting.

15:40 5 519