Kepa Acero's reflections after his accident

An inspiring speech from a great athlete who rethink it's life and goals. The accident was at Mundaka, Spain.. A spot known for his impressive rivermouth wave. We all need to learn from him !

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BLESSED by The Smidikks

Competing on the world qualifying series could be frustrating when the surfing conditions are below average. Marc Lacomare took full avantage of a strike mission in Ireland to have fun with his good friend Tikanui Smith. Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to enjoy a session with only one of your friend out in the line up, and this is what happened. Filmed and Edited by Alex Laurel
 Supported by / / and
 Water cinematography by Laurent Pujol 
Music by Tony Anderson « Prophecy » Filmed on Sony F55 and RED Raven

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Vague A l'Ame | Official Trailer

Select English or Spanish subtitles. Check out the official, new trailer of the new BILLABONG ADVENTURE DIVISION documentary film titled "VAGUE A L'ÂME" (Wave of the Soul), produced by Vincent Kardasik and filmed entirely in 4K. Subscribe now and watch more videos from Billabong Mens Europe: See more of Billabong on our official site: Like Billabong on Facebook: Follow Billabong on Instagram: This documentary film traces the history of the A/Div and its highlights since its creation, telling the whole story and unseen background of their extreme expeditions. United by the passion for big wave surfing, Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian and a bunch of friends have had the single objective of hunting and surfing the winter heaviest swells on the European coasts. Over the last eight years and multiple expeditions to the world’s heaviest waves, the Billabong Adventure Division crew has been searching for the perfect wave. Their efforts have yielded incredible imagery and historic rides such as Sancho surfing the biggest wave ever surfed in Nazaré in November 2014. The documentary features never been seen before footage and behind the scenes action from some of surfing’s most memorable sessions. The film is supported by Monster, Nixon, EQ and brought to you by XTreme Video. The A/Div team will present the film premiere in Hossegor in April 2017 before embarking on a European Tour. The film will then be available on VOD. Soundtrack: Slow Mo (Johan Wallner) Primetime Productions Ltd PRS Match - UPPM France.

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Marc Lacomare is a professional surfer who lives in the south west of France, in an area called "Les Landes". It's known to host some of the best beach breaks in the world, and he's lucky to call it his backyard. This little shorty will show what he does on a daily basis. Supported by / / / Filmed & Edited by Alex Laurel Water Cinematography by Laurent Pujol Additional Footage by Ludo lasserre / Yannick Loussouarn / Michael Darrigade

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Cruising Down The Islands

Skateboarders have Barcelona and the surfers have the Mentawai Islands. Marc Lacomare showing some high performance surfing during a 10 days boat trip

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