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Low Pull River Dam | BASEJUMP | Carlos Pedro Briceño

Carlos Pedro and his friends jump off a River Dam in Switzerland! Click Here to stay tuned: "BASE Tripping" Ep 7: Carlos and friends take a trip to the land of clocks, silky smooth chocolate, yodelling and calm beautiful valleys.....but Switzerland also hides some epic BASE opportunities: A 220 M high river dam, the "Crack" & numerous other lines and BASE exits. Check out this adrenaline fueled ride as Carlos travels to some amazing BASE jumping sites with good friend Alexander Polli, as always with some GoPro's & cameras to share the adventure. "BASE Tripping" is the brand new Base Jump series by Carlos Pedro Briceño. Carlos is a BASE jumper, Skydiving instructor, surfer, travel lover.... & adrenaline lover!! Life's short Live LARGE!!!! Follow Carlos as he explores new countries, cultures & BASE jumping opportunities all over the world! Travel with Carlos to over 10 countries meeting crazy BASE Jumping friends Jokke Sommer, Chris "Douggs" McDougall, Alexander Polli, Jeb Corliss & many more to search for a new adrenaline rush in every country! Take a trip to France, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Pananma, Venezuala, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey & more! Watch Carlos BASE Jump, Wingsuit, Tracksuit, Proximity Flying, Speedflying, Skydiving, Cliff BASE, Antenna BASE, Building BASE, & more varities of human flying!  

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